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After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World

Jiang Zhi was a good person in her past life. She was so good that she was placed on a pedestal and married a scumbag for the sake of her family's fate. It was a painful life, but in the end, her family still felt that she did not do well enough. When given a chance to start over, Jiang Zhi expressed that she would reject emotional blackmail and choose her own fate! Hence… Father Jiang, "Your husband likes to watch beautiful women dance. Do you want to go get lessons?" Jiang Zhi smiled and nodded. The next day, she went to apply for a boxing class and beat up the scumbag at the red-light district. Stepsister, "Hey, stop working out. Only by being as weak as me can men have the desire to protect you." Jiang Zhi smiled. "I can beat ten weaklings like you with one hand." The divorce and face-slapping happened in one go. Jiang Zhi became an anomaly in the family, causing panic and eventually being expelled from the family. Everyone was waiting for her to come back crying and beg for mercy. However, surprisingly, Jiang Zhi, who had left home alone, was doing very well. She started a company, invested in it, and managed celebrities… She even picked up a handsome little celebrity to raise. The little celebrity was destitute, but he actually had the constitution of a koi fish. Ever since she picked him up, Jiang Zhi was lucky and her business went smoothly. She even had fewer enemies. But… her waist was hurting too. Seeing that it was getting better after Jiang Zhi's divorce, the wealthy ladies were extremely jealous. Later on, Jiang Zhi became the big boss of the Beijing circle. Her family kept sending her candidates and asking her to choose a marriage partner. Jiang Zhi waved his hand in frustration. "You want me to marry you? Unless you're the richest man." The next day, a photo of the mysterious richest man in the country was taken and trending. Jiang Zhi, "???" Why did this photo look more and more like the little celebrity beside her? The next second, Jiang Zhi was pinned down on the bed by the man. "I've been with you for two lifetimes. When will I be able to become a full-time employee?"

Ah Du · Contemporary Romance

Cultivating With My Infinite Clones

The world was on the verge of destruction. Humans fought valiantly against creatures invading from another world. Mark found himself two thousand years in the future with a system allowing him to split infinitely. Need to cultivate? Simple! 1000 clones cultivate at the same time Want to go hunting? Send 10000 clones out to sweep the world. Simple! Note: Cover does not belong to me, if the original owner wishes I can remove it.

DescriptivePanda · Fantasy

This Village Girl has Too Many Hidden Identities!

"Gu Chenghao, the heir to one of the top financial groups in the world, is about to get married. When the news gets out, the whole world will be watching." Gu Chenghao's wedding was not a small matter. It could be called a wedding of the century. Rumors had it that Gu Chenghao's bride was not a noble princess but a poor, ugly girl from the countryside. At that moment, there were countless people who were jealous and hated her, especially those women who had a crush on Gu Chenghao. They were so jealous that they couldn't fall asleep. “That woman came from the countryside. She has no background, and she's ugly.” “I guess she's got a low education, too. She's just a bag of straws.” "Why can she marry Gu Chenghao? She doesn't deserve it!" … In the upper circles, the women never stopped gossiping. They belittled the bride to nothing. At a banquet, the bride, Fang Qing, appeared and stunned everyone. "Oh my god, this woman is so beautiful and elegant! Who said she's ugly?" "Oh my god, isn't this the youngest professor in our school, Fang Qing? She's a full professor at one of the top universities in the world, and she's only 22 years old. Who said that her education is low?" The new chief of the Mafia exclaimed, "Big sister, why is it you!” A famous international superstar: "Boss, are you Young Master Gu's fiancée?" The CEO of one of the top 500 companies in the world: "Chairman, you're so beautiful today! That person… Yes, it's you. As a female executive of the company, you publicly slandered the chairman. You've been fired."

Shuibei · Contemporary Romance

Master Gu's Boundless Love

Three years ago, because she was announced as the heir of the family, her step-sister was jealous and blinded her, abandoning her in the wilderness! She had thought that she would die there, but someone had rescued her and brought her to another country. On the day that she saw the light again, she was told that she was the second miss of the Gu family. After her memories were restored, she would focus on getting revenge. Three years later, she changed her appearance and returned powerful, determined to get back everything she had lost. Father: "It must be hard on you to remember this family." Stepmother: "Remember your place. Never fight with your sister." Step-sister: "You're really lucky you didn’t die outside!" Ming Qu, the previously unknown second daughter of the Ming family whom no one had a good opinion of then got into a limited-edition luxury car. The next day, Ming Qu left the Ming family and started trending on the Internet as Mrs. Gu. Aside from the Ming family, the entire Tong City was flabbergasted. Throughout the rest of the month, Ming Qu attended all kinds of high-end banquets in grand outfits, with a handsome and noble man by her side. Someone recognized him as the most mysterious tycoon in the business world. Looking at the person who had bullied her in the past, begging for mercy on the ground like a dog, the man pulled her into his arms lovingly. "Little one, how does it feel to take revenge?" She curled her lips into a vicious smile. “Yes, it feels good, but I should share the pain that eats away at my bones with my sister. Otherwise, how could I possibly get rid of the hatred in my heart?”

Female Young Master Zhou · Contemporary Romance

The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

For more than a decade, she disguised herself as a weakling while preyed on the strong – Qiao Qing had never viewed reputation as an important matter. But people began to take advantage and purposely hurt the ones she cared about. Qiao Qing then decided to stop hiding her real self. An incapable good-for-nothing? Her natural genius IQ can explode your eyeballs! A lowly commoner? Her real identity made her someone who you are not worthy enough to be friends with! A feeble chick? Her skills in ancient martial arts can result in you looking for your teeth all over the ground! A godly student, a godly Go player, a godly night rider, a godly martial artist… as her real identity revealed little by little, all those snobs who once viewed her poorly began to switch sides and attempted to please her. Qiao Qing shut the front door. No guests welcomed. She blocked those who wanted her for their own selfish demands, but she couldn’t stop this one evildoer from approaching her. Just like that, climbing over the walls and entering through the window became Jun Yexuan’s specialty. As the President of the Jun Corporation, he had enough to protect Qiao Qing her entire life. But what bothered him was that Qiao Qing was far too independent and far too capable. Without any of his help, she was able to successfully handle everything. Jun Yexuan became moody – he felt like he wasn’t needed! So, on a random day, a cry for help appeared on Weibo, “What do I do when the wife is too capable? Waiting for immediate responses – it’s urgent.” Coming soon! - EJ Translations

Esha_6645 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Midnight Jewels

Join Discord server for discussion; https://discord.gg/sKpVGCx8 ... He has everything almost everyone desires; Loving parents, a beautiful and loving girlfriend and money. He has it all. However suddenly his life takes an unexpected turn that changes everything. Is this the beginning of new life? Or end of existing? Read to know more. Don’t need any more synopsis, read it and you will like it. ... Schedule: 7 chapters a week [DISCLAIMER: YOU MAY GET ADDICT TO IT.] ... *COVER IS NOT MINE IF THE OWNER WANTS TO BE REMOVED PLEASE, INFORM*

SeVeN7 · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Sweet Dreams or Beautiful Nightmares

"The balance of two worlds had been broken, and whenever there's an imbalance there is chaos." Who will ever think, that a simple, introvert, hard-working college girl, is fated to be the one, to untangle the turmoil and put both worlds back into stability? Timothea's used to be simple life was stirred by a dream. She started loving a man of her dream, literally. However, it seems her dreams aren't just simple dreams, and the imaginary love of her life is not so imaginary after all. But a manifestation of her extraordinary life of mysteries and conundrums. Not only to herself but also to the people around her. This is a story of reality mixed fantasy, a story of love, life, and war, between self-identity, good and evil, of witches and fairies. Shifting between two dimensions of the human world and Ayorko's mystical realm. A fight for power, a fight for love. Dare to read chapter seven onwards, and you're not gonna loosen your grip. I would like to acknowledge these girls, who helped me with my cover. The model, photographer, and production staff, namely Kyla, Carla, and Metch. Thanks, girls!!

Gnaipafe · Fantasy Romance

Her Red Spider Lily

"What are you doing?" "I'm playing." "Playing? Playing what?" Her fingers moved the strings attached to them. "A game... a game of life. Wanna join?" Their lips curled up devilishly. The dice was thrown, and the game begins.

Sapphire_Lunaria · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings