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Dhruv is a 17 yr old teenager, who is a boy full of mysteries. Six months ago Dhruv's father died in a car accident and from then Dhruv hasn't had a good day ahead. From his mom's negligence towards him to school bullies, everything seems to add more and more to his misery. But things are different now, it's 17 Jan 2017 and things aren't as they were. Fate had taken it's dark turns and now police is standing on his doors, asking questions regarding the serial killings of three of his classmates. What does Dhruv has to do with it? Does Dhruv know something? It's not a teenage drama! it's FUCKIN murder mystery! Here, don't expect anything, things are bit twisted as.... TRUTH ISN'T WHITE ANYMORE‼️ And Pain, Let It Exist! P.S. Dialogues in this novel might just make it seem like some movie script, but dialogues are the reason why the story feels fast paced. And yeah I will be changing the format but as the novel is still ongoing it's hard to edit it so please don't think it's me being dishonest with my work :)

Adwaid_Nambiar · Horror&Thriller


I watched him dance on the floor, move sensually against those hungry bodies. He loved having the attention on him, he loved the whole club watching him wiggle. I was still watching him, but this time he was with a group of three men. He was in the lap of one of them and laughing as he looked at the others. They looked at them innocently saying dirty things. He was asking if her lips were to their liking as he pouted, making them stand out. He knew the effect he was having on these people. Yet another group of men. He was biting his lip as he looked at several of them and kissed the neck of the one he was sitting on. Looking one of the men on the table in the eye, he passionately kissed the one he was sitting on and even began to grind on him. A woman this time, she was alone. She had her hand on the black haired boy's butt cheeks and was touching his hair, he seemed to like it a lot, just as much as the praise. He loved it, it always made him smile, like he had won something. He began to eat a lollipop looking her in the eye, he was really eager to have something similar in his butt. It was for these different reasons that Hwang Hyunjin was called The World's Biggest Slut.

bibidi_bobidi_boo · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

My charming Alpha( bl omegaverse )

He hates his family because of the incident that happened in his childhood, which he wants to forget desperately but can't. He never had the luck in finding the love his entire life that is until now. Hoping to find a rich and handsome Alpha the goal of his life. Will Jasper able to find the love of his life and starts a happy family he wished for? " Everything that mentioned in this novel is purely fictional. so don't compare it with reality "

moon_light_3 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings