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Lost Tales: The Day I Saw a God

Humans are born in this world for a reason. They live searching for the reason why they are still alive. Some lives to become a king or queen. Some are born poor trying to live their life however they can to survive clinging on the hope that their life will change. Some live to find peace that they have lost. Some may find there reason to live in there lifetime and some may can't find it even if they searched it in there entire lifetime but everyone have a promised day. A day that was promised by the god. This day wasn't only promised to humans but for every living being in the entire world. Humans, animals, fishes and birds they all are aware of it. The day when there life come to an end .That day was known to them by the mother nature .That is Death .Every living being will die one day. That is the promised day. This story is about a girl. Her name is Natsumi Furakawa. She is in a High School Girl. She lived in Tokyo Japan. She had A Normal Life. Though she was the Japan's most Richest Architecture's daughter. Suddenly One Day She Meet With Someone Who Told Her That She Is Going Die Today. What Will Happen To The Girl? What Will she do? Read the story to know about what happened to her and all the other people that she will meet and she had meet will have there promised day. The day they die.

Fahim_ahmed ยท Fantasy Romance
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