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Gender Bender

Arrylogan · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings

Absolute Depravity: Reincarnated with a lustful System

After slumbering for years in the darkest pits of the abyss, Haruki Shin is awoken by the demon lord of lust. She tries to remind him of a contract he signed with her in exchange for the power that would help him exact his revenge in the mortal world. However, who or what he wanted to get revenge on? He couldn’t remember. Replaced with a hazy mist, his memories had long since faded. But to the mistress of lust that didn’t matter as she forced him back into the mortal world with the demonic body of an incubus. Feeling lost he’s forced to adhere to each of her commands, and despite his refusal, he can’t resist the binds of the contract. Eventually, however, as he learns more about his tragic past, and the existence of the lustful system he’s been blessed with for his revenge, his path to becoming a monster finally begins. [Warnings]: Sexual content||Gore||Traumatic sequences||Mention of slavery and other heinous crimes||Step-relationship||Genderbending|| [Note]: 1. None of the heroines will cheat on MC 2. Does involve MC stealing other people's partners 3. Please let me know about any grammatical errors in any chapter through the comments. 4. MORE GOLDEN TICKETS = FASTER UPDATES! Connect with me here to keep up with the story's progress: Discord: https://discord.gg/GTKkdRVZnV [Sharing character pics on my discord both SFW and NSFW ones so make sure to join!] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Writersblockills Support me on Patreon: https://patreon.com/Writersblockills [Patreon funds will be used for commissioning original artwork for the book]

Writersblockills · Fantasy

The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men

[Warning: Might contain things you won't be expecting.] Xin Xiao dies; only to reincarnate as a female in world of cultivation of snotty young masters and Nobel ladies. Born with a hidden bloodline and a unique body, Le Fang Ling struggles on the path to immortality with a cute loli system by her side and her lovers who accepts her for who she is. [A mini theatre] Le Fang Ling: Aiyo! So what cheats do I get? A cute loli system: Cheats? Skills? You are going to work your ass off to live like a proper cultivator! A senior sister: Hmph! I hate you...But come here, let me apply herbs on those injuries. It’s not that I like you or anything. A certain evil demoness: Let me suck you dry off your spiritual energy!! Tags: #Genderbender #system #Yuri #mature #cultivation #system #romance #harem #Slow paced at first then it picks up the pace #And do consider dropping by if you are just doing window shopping kek. I had mix max of ideas when I started this book, so the beginning chs are mess but t gets better later as it settles down. :D discord: https://discord.gg/AmhjqphM

Bird_Of_Paradise · Eastern Fantasy

A Perverted Boy With GenderBender & Hypnosis Skills In Another World.

What do you think, would happen if an extremely perverted boy gets skills like genderbender & hypnosis at the same time? Running around the world & fucking everyone or making everyone his whore or slut. Warning:- this story contains many sexual contents with main story. Warning:- [ EXTREME MATURE CONTENT ] [WARNING: Mentions of abuse ] NOTE:- REMEMBER, RESPECT EVERY Girl & WOMEN, AS WE ALL HAVE ANYONE AS A GIRL OR A WOMAN. THIS STORY IS JUST IMAGINATION SO IN THIS EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN BUT IN REALITY. IT IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT, SO DON'T ABUSE ANY WOMEN. BECAUSE I DON'T, EVEN I WRITE THIS SHIT. Read at your own risk. For your support, you can pay me with PayPal. Thanks for your support, & reading it. For those who want to support me, can just pay me through paypal id https://paypal.me/ETERNITY999437?country.x=IN&locale.x=en_GB

Infinite999 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Won't You Like To Accompany That Elf In A Lewd Journey? (GenderBender)

No demon lords to defeat, no betrayal to take revenge on, and no levels to grind. Just the fast-paced erotic adventures of an op genderbent elf. Just a note, the gender bend protagonist will not be giving, but receiving... so before you regret it, turn back now. Disclaimer: R18+ And not for all audiences

ShoujoStoriesBaker · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I’m a...WHAT?! Bakugo x Genderbend!deku

bluecookies015 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Evil Husband is a Little Sweet

Zheng Shanyu is every woman's dream man, the Chairman of a conglomerate with everything at his disposal. But there is something that he craves to hold in his arms, her! Ni Yuexi! There's no stopping him, he even went as far as locking her up in a private island! Zheng Shanyu: Give me your hand! Ni Yuexi: No! You cannot force me to put my hand on the red ink to stamp the contract! Heck no! Zheng Shanyu: Don't be stupid! Stamp the paper or else! Ni Yuexi: What would you do if I don't? Right there, he grabbed her by the thumb, rubbing it on the dull surface of red ink, and slammed it against the bottom part of the white paper. Zheng Shanyu: It's all done! You and I are now husband and wife! *clapping* Ni Yuexi: What the hell?! *face slap the two-faced jerk* ----------------- Editor- VioletFlames* ----EDITING IN PROGRESS--- -------------------- CEO/Tycoon/Mogul Series: Hiddengem *Battered Young Miss (Book 1) *Chairman Duan's Bride Has Run Away Again! (Book 2) *Evil Husband is a Little Sweet (Book 3) *Shameless Miss Fan (Book 4) *President Yang You Are My One And Only (Book 5) *My Fake Hallyu Star Husband (Book 6) * Held Hostage by the Billionaire Heiress (Book 7) *Premium Tears, My Husband the Wolf (Book 8) *My Wife is too Bold (Book 9) *The Me That Hides From You (Book 10) *Falling In Love With My Cute Mother-in-law (Book 11) *House Husband, Wang Rui (Book 12) *Ms. Chairman (Book 13) *Rebirth of Zhou Ruby (Book 14) *The Death God's Contract Wife (Book 15) *Seducing My Unrequited Love (Book 16) *I Became A Quack So What (Book 17) *Entangled With The Gumiho Prince (Book 18) -nepotism, evil hubby, sweetlove, genderbender, strongfl antagonist, bl, boylove, yaoi, transgender, femboy, fl, ml, deception, gay, ironlady, boylove, mistress

AriaKang · Contemporary Romance

My Otherworld Life As A Vampire

A boy who died and got reincarnated as a female vampire, a True Vampire.After gaining his wish of immortality, read how his life as a female progress, meet new characters and fight powerful opponents. My Otherworld life as a Vampire is a novel filled with comedy filled laughter,emotional and feminine love. It's the best story for those who like genderbender and fantasy series

Kevanbookshelf · Fantasy