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The Cursed Gamer

[R-18, Mature Element Warning!] [Multiverse!] A young man with a questionable job dies, eaten by a shark. To his surprise, afterlife was a spinning roulette that decided his next world and powers, with an annoyed Goddess supervising the process. The Gamer System welcomes him with open arms, and he shivers in the endless potential it holds. If used right, he knew The Gamer could step beyond even Godhood. Beyond God. Out of desperation, that was exactly what his goal became. The Goddess was a snitch, and now she and her fellow Gods wanted him dead. What, and why? In the end, [Soul 799], soon to be renamed as [Neji Hado], becomes a Cursed Soul. -—- Tags: Gamer-System, Gray-MC, Harem, Incest, Mature, Multiverse, R-18, OP-MC, World-Hopping. First World: My Hero Academia Second World: Naruto Third World: Fate/Grand Order Fourth World: High School DxD -—- Patreon Link: Patreon.com/Master4thWall Discord Link: Discord.gg/GKWjj3ywZd

Master4thWall · Anime & Comics
500 Chs


One moment I was in my world, the next, well... not there anymore, at least I was given something to survive.

297 Chs

The Adventurous Gamer Ninja - Daichi Hekima.

The universe gave me another chance after life screwed me over. My second life brought me to a world where people breath fire, walk on water and some people with special eyes that give them bullsh#t powers. Well, I got the gamer ability. And I’m gonna use it to stand at the peak. But it's gonna be a long journey before I reach that summit. SI - MC. ------------------------ Updates 3 to 4 times a week. Checkout my patre on site. www.patreon.com/MonkWithAPen --------------------------------------------------

MonkWithAPen · Anime & Comics
292 Chs

Filthy Gamer in Narutoverse

Tired of one bad choice in the personalization of his trait, Kaye, now Kai, logically planned his suicide for a better chance of reincarnation to get rid of the curse that his trait had almost become. Now, Kai is in a world where people breathe fire and fart thunder! *** Warning: I'm still playing with the idea of a female and submissive Orochimaru and if you don't think fem Orochi is a waifu with a long tongue and a quirk of swallowing things then... welp. The harem and r18 stuff will happen later because I generally write them after developing a few things but the work is at a fast pace in the terms of mc's strength and growth. Slight AU. *** I do not own the cover pic, credits to the creator. If you want me to take it down, I will.

FanHarem · Anime & Comics
236 Chs

Harry's New Game Plus

Come and read about a Harry Potter who won't be manipulated, used, or threatened. He's a monster to his enemies and a gentle and loyal friend to his allies, beware villains of the multiverse don't dare poke this dragon lest you end up dead. This story is written and published by Kurokitsune028 on FF. I am posting this story here with their blessing to bring it to you all. Auxiliary chapters may contain spoilers, non-canons, and other relevant information.

Kurogano · Book&Literature
236 Chs


I've always enjoyed all those fantastic stories but I never expected that I would become one more person of those stories NOTE : THIS IS AN AU ( ALTERNATE UNIVERSE ) [This World is a Bridge between the DC and Marvel multiverse, all the possible information you know about the characters is totally useless since there is a possibility that it will never happen or it will happen differently] Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of it's character. I own my own elements and my OC(s). - WORLDS : Marvel, dc, rwby, mha, demonslayer, kenichi : The Mightiest Disciple, Hsdxd - WORD COUNT : 521.73K WORDS - Donate Me On PayPal https://www.paypal.me/Xuefang1 - ----here link to my patreon https://patreon.com/Xue_fang_1?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=creatorshare OR THIS https://www.patreon.com/Xue_fang_1 --- WARNING : hey guys I'm using Mobile and my laptop was having shorting problem and I don't know when I'll be able to fix it So there will be grammar and spelling mistakes Hope it'll be readble --- UPDATE SCHEDULE : NOT FIX

Xuefang1 · Anime & Comics
228 Chs

Harry Potter The Mutant Obscurus Gamer

A Drunken conversation between the heads of the Marvel-verse lead to a decision to save the life of a MCU version of Harry Potter destined by the fates to die. How? By giving him the powers of a video game character. Currently at 650K+ words

GnomeBob · Book&Literature
123 Chs

Bringing the game items to real world

What if a person gets to bring the gaming items from the game world to real world? What if the mana potions and the health potions that are almost a currency in game world could be brought to the real world? What if he can bring the guns and weapons? What more can he bring? Pokemon? Greatest weapons of all time? Star-ships? Follow a guy who gets the cheat and pushes world into a new era Warning : Don't expect the MC to be all knowing, all powerful from the get go and is a genocidal maniac. The MC will be more realistic. English isn't my first language so I don't have a plethora of vocabularies in my head. So please cut me some slack. Hope you will like the story Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

thelightedghost · Video Games
201 Chs