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Tainted Marriage

I chunk her hairs and pulled her face near me , her face is looking so red and her eyes are filled with tears. "Please Armaan, please let me go , " she begged me , that's how i used to beg her for her love but she fucking pushed me out of her life like trash. "You know i wont show any mercy on you darling then why are you begging me now, " i said to her and pushed her on the bed. I started working on my shirt button and licked my lips so lustfully. "I am gonna enjoy night with your fuckable body and make you scream my name in pain, " i yelled at her. ............................................................ Nandini was his everything his love, his life , he was ready to do anything for her . she knew he loved her since childhood but she fall in love with his best frind. Will Armaan forgive her ? Will he let his love go out of his life ? Or Armaan will push Nandini in burning hell and make her life misreable. "You do this every night. But had I spared you even for a night " he whispered those words in my ears and squeezed my waist. "Come. Now don't test my patience" he said pressing his forehead against mine for a moment. He is my husband, he claimed that he loves me but I don't love him, I never loved him. My parents fixed my marriage with him when we were kids. I lost my parents in a car accident, that time I was only 14 years old, I became an orphan but my husband's family adopted me, my uncle - aunty loves me so much, they always considered me as their daughter, I don't know when I started calling them papa, maa. I was only fourteen but my husband Armaan Oberoi, he was 18. Since childhood he was so possessive, Aunty I mean maa told me this thing many times, when I stayed with him he pushed me away from him and when I made friends, he threw them out of my life. After adoption, I thought I would become part of the Oberoi family and slowly I started to consider Armaan my brother but that devil started showing me his real colors when I became 16, he didn't let me go out, he didn't let me wear what I wanted. He took me shopping, he selected all my clothes. But I start hating him more and more. Then Kabir came into my life, he was my best friend, I never loved him in that way but I always showed that devil I love Kabir. Due to maa papa fear, that devil didn't hurt me but I never thought my stupid game will put me in deep trouble. Join the brutalal journey of Nandini and Armaan..............

Greenlion421 · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Cage of The Past

[HIATUS- CONTRACTED IN OTHER SITES] She's nineteen years old girl living in Shanghai. Her only family is her sick mother who needs medical expenses. Sacrificing herself to produce the money, she agreed a contract to become a mother for a wealthy man’s heir. She didn’t see him even once. She can imagine a fat, old and nasty man to sleep with her until she the day she gives birth. She only knew the person is willing to pay five million dollars. Huge amount for her mother’s medical expenses and to start a new life after the contract. There was no doubt that the man is wealthy. She couldn’t find herself being happy with it. Discover how two different people fall in love after separation. List of my Novel Here in Webnovel 1. Billionaire Defiant Wife 2. The Cage of The Past 3. Revenge to the Devil 4. Winter of the Wolves 5. Love & Revenge 6. My Billionaire Husband 7. Love & Revenge: The Return of the Heiress If You wish to Support me here is my Paypal Account: paypal.me/annaquizo

AnnaShannel_Lin · Romance


Crystal was on the ninth cloud since she found her love in her high school, she was so happy, they were staying together from years now, she started dreaming about her marriage with him, but what happens all sudden to her happy life, she was crying on top of her lungs, her eyes become red and swollen due to crying, and she fell on her knees begging for her dignity, but at last, there was only one stamp on her hand, "sold".

ruchika_mangeshwar · Teen
Not enough ratings

When the cameras are off

Vivian Chow, a successful 24 years old actress whose life started to go downhill after she had caught Yeon Jeong-Hyun attention who’s also a successful actor. (I do not own the picture cover) Warning: these story topics are dark and twisted may make readers feel discomfort and disturbed.

mypsychicboisaiki · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings