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My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

Maya Alva is beautiful and smart but despite her intelligence she fell in love with her friend's twin brother who loves hurting her feelings. From grade four to High School Adonis was her only crush even though he was arrogant. Adonis Gabriel Buenavista Monleon in short Adonis Monleon came from a rich clan, he is handsome and has a strong sex appeal, since childhood he has shown that he will never like her because she came from a poor family. But everything changed when Maya slapped him in the face with great force. One night the long-awaited dream of Maya happened, Adonis Monleon kissed her under the starry night at the terrace of the Monleon’s mansion. It was a magical kiss but Adonis crushed and broke her heart later that night by kissing another girl. That is why Maya hates him, and she promised herself to do everything she can to forget the only man she loves since childhood, but why can’t she forget about her first kiss? How can she resists him, the moment they met again on the summer after she graduated from High School? Can Maya stop her own heart from falling for Adonis over and over again? And stick to her promise to totally forget Adonis? Can Adonis win over the heart of Maya after he left her with a broken heart and soul? _____________________________________________ My Friend’s Artogant Brother Book 2: Falling For My Best Friend’s Brother Lisa Montesclaro is always in the shadow of her beautiful friend, Maya, and to watch her best friend got hurt by her first and only love, Adonis, she promised herself never to get involved with someone like him. Still, she became one when she found herself falling for Maya’s elder brother Benedict. Because Lisa has had no boyfriend since birth, she wants to experience her first kiss with Maya’s brother, and she made a decision to confess to Ben one night on the terrace of the Hernandez mansion. Still, she became frustrated when he turned her down when she confessed her feelings towards him. And Lisa made a vow never to make herself look like a fool again in front of Ben. Benedict Hernandez is hot and handsome and one of the most eligible men in San Antonio, where the wealthiest family in the entire country live. When her sister's best friend confessed her feelings towards him, he hated himself for turning her down, since he knew Lisa is a sweet young woman, but because the first love has broken his heart, he made a vow never to fall in love again. Benedict tried his best to stay away from Lisa as possible, but how can he resists Lisa’s charm when he always sees her around in their estate wearing sexy dresses and a beautiful smile on her face? Then because of a prize they won together during a wedding they both attended, their attraction towards each other will be tested. Can Lisa stop herself from falling for him more the moment they spend one week vacation on the La Trinidad Island? Can Benedict finally let go of his fast and give himself a chance to fall in love again? Please join Lisa and Benedict as they journey together in finding true love. Thank you to all readers! Please support my other books entitled: Princess Malia’s Secret Falling In Love With Miracle I Will Make You Love Me Again Loving Madeline The Powerful Dragon Witch (WSA Entry 2021) The CEO’s Perfect Mistake

sirenbeauty · Teen

I Love Mr. Popular

Do I love you or hate you??Can two totally different people fall inlove or will they continue to hate one another. Is it possible that as time goes on two people who hated begin to see each other differently. Angie is the new girl in school and had hoped to keep a low profile.She is well mannered and usually is way to focused on her studies that she has no friends. Alec is carefree bad boy who lives by the day.His ready for an adventure any time.

pandaninja_ah_ae · Romance
Not enough ratings

A Shy Girl's Alluring Love

Bella, a shy girl looked down by everyone as a piece of trash, had a massive crush on the hottest, the most popular guy also known as the heartthrob of Saint Petersburg college, Steven D'Souza. This crush takes no time to blossom into love which seems infinite as she reflects her 4 years old college memories involving him and jotting down everything in her secret diary. Steven, who became the youngest business tycoon at the age of 23 and also an undercover detective has captured the hearts of thousands, but in the college, his eyes wouldn't focus on the hot, rich girls, instead his eyes were always in search of the negligent girl of the college, Bella. He couldn't resist staring into Bella's sky-crystal blue eyes turning downwards whenever he shifted his gaze towards her. It pinches this undercover detective later, that it could be his true love and begins a knackering search for his shy girl and he runs into her after 4 long years. The chapter for which he was longing for, finally flipped onto his book of life. An ardent Steven leaned towards Bella as he caressed her ear with his lips, which fell apart as he whispered in his husky voice, "You are mine and only mine forever. All rights reserved." Bella turned scarlet. His lips began tracing her neck and were about to plunge into her back, but Bella stopped him. Instead of being shocked, Steven smiled as he said, "There's this essence of shyness in you that attracts me to you!" Hearing SHYNESS scared Bella, so she squeezed her lips together. Her blue eyes shuddered, like if she was attempting to conceal something. Steven's soft side is soon reigned with bitterness as he explores the dark territory of silence that crashes him down to hell, shakes him to the core as he investigates the KIARA CASE, the most scandalous case that will disrupt their relationship from beyond the grave. It's a case where a girl has been bedding billionaires of London. Steven began investigating the dead case with no hint of Kiara's appearance. With the stacks of images on the table, one of which shows Kiara with a boat shaped birthmark on her back, his mind was able to trace a familiar birthmark that had been a visual joy for him and had later become encrusted in his lips. The true identity of Kiara unravels the deadly secrets which poison their relationship. The moment for which Bella was longing for showed up as Steven started kissing. Why did she stop him in between? Was it because of nervousness or her eyes home one of the deepest secrets of her life? An odd shaped birthmark on the back which was once a treat to eyes, now haunts Steven? Who is Kiara? What's her connection with Steven? What's her real identity? Will Stella's (Steven + Bella) first love survive various tragedies or will they take up someone else as their soulmates? OR Will their first love end up adding on to a long list of broken hearts? Hey Reader! (Two gifts for you are waiting below) A lot of romance mingled with mysteries is knocking at your door. It's time to open the door and immerse yourself into this love story. Gift 1 : Poem A flabbergasted story is waiting eagerly To immerse you into its world dearly Grab some snacks quickly As you scroll through different chapters That will make your heart flutter You are just one step away To soak yourself in the pool filled with romance, suspense and much more… Gift 2 : Novel Teaser A breathtaking novel teaser is waiting to be enlightened by your eyes. You can find it on my Instagram and YouTube! Would you like to talk with me regarding the story or just some chatting? Then you can find me on Instagram : athena_abloom YouTube : Athena Scribes

AuthorAthena · Contemporary Romance
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Mish_Liyan · Contemporary Romance
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