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Anciently forbidden

Vince Garcia is a captain of an elite force who once topped at the Philippine Military academy. Tall, handsome, capable, reliable...he is almost perfect, with only one barely noticeable flaw, his unreasonable prejudice against homosexuality. His prejudice seems unreasonable since he specifically hated his gentle-faced soldier, Lieutenant Jester Caballero. Whenever this Captain's judgemental eyes landed at his lieutenant's soft face, the latter will be bombarded with unreasonable criticisms. This gay hate that almost reached the critical level suffocated the poor Jester who decided to disappear from Vince's eyesight, but this disappearing act wasn't executed since their team met a mishap. The team was sent on a life-threatening mission. Vince fell on a cliff and woke up on a native tribe of an ancient Philippines! Life played the worst joke on the homophobe captain as he woke up in a body of a native soldier who fell in love with his handsome prince- a big tabooed relationship in this era. Find out how a modern, homophobe soldier faced extreme and mind-boggling challenges in this ancient place.

mai_gold · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Your Pride And My Broken Heart

A shattered dignity smashed into tiny pieces... A bleeding heart wrung to the last drop... A dumb defiling a numb, could things get any better? Jovanni dela Victoria, a striving young man who was never been loved, once met the eyes of the university heartthrob, Kirt Valdez, a young master pampered since birth. They say that opposite poles attract. Well, they did attract, but then, why did they keep repelling after?

mai_gold · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Happy Anniversary, Stranger!

Darren spends a special day with a stranger. Just like before.

storiesbylui · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings