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One Witches Broken Oath

My name is Malia Powers and this is the story of my failure. I was born of two witches, making me evidently a witch. Every witch is born of one of the elements. The element you are born of determines the powers that you can have and the type of magic you can learn. The element you have manifests itself on the skin in the form of a mark. Back to the part of my failure, there are many rules of my kind, but there is one rule that is enforced the hardest... is to never be seen using magic by non-magical beings and I may have... I guess you will have to read the story if you want to find out how I screwed that one up.

Megan_Yant · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Draimon: Fracture: Erasend

The story of those trying to stop Demigods who will do whatever it takes to reunite with their children in a world of Dragons, Humans and Monsters like no other. There are still a couple edits and overall improvements that I will like to add before continuing. Really sorry on lack of updates, it's just that I haven't have the time to write or I've been to tired (sleep wise with a stomach bug) but trust me I am exited to get back into writing. the next bunch of arcs are pretty developed in what I want to happen. Thanks for 25k views, not even sure they're real. Comments will affair my feelings

Gnarolem8 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings