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ultimate legend

In this story, we follow Tian Ning an unknown genius with great contempt because of the "genius" of the older half-sister. So when the reality is that he has done everything to show a minimum of talent to his sister so that she is not eclipsed. He was laughed at and scorned by virtually his entire family, but he ended up being able to rely only on his mother and some other (you would know when you read it) to whom she died on her 4th birthday and that is the day of the drop of water that broke the camel's back. He wanted to cut all ties with his old family which is a secondary branch of the great Wang clan, so he takes the last name of his deceased mother who was Tian of the secondary branch of the great Tian clan. This day will mark the beginning of a bloody adventure. An absent legend who will mark his name forever in history

JiyuYami ยท Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings