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Where the Black Lotus Blooms [Mo Dao Zu Shi / The Untamed / GDC / CQL]

Out of seclusion and faced with the new status quo, Lan Xichen seeks out the one person who may agree with his unorthodox idea to reshape the cultivation world: Jiang Cheng. He never expects to reshape the heavens and their battered hearts along the way. /////// A post-canon sequel fic to The Untamed/CQL/MDZS with added worldbuilding and romance. Because there's so much story left to be told, especially Lan Xichen's and Jiang Cheng's as Sect Leaders. And Jin Ling and Sizhui and all the Lost Boys. And WangXian. May contain Buddhist philosophical tenets and hints of Hinduism alongside the original Taoist context. Not claiming to be accurate to Chinese history, lots of research has been done, but this is in every sense a fanfic. Come say hi on twitter for WIP updates, teasers, and more @Hana_Soh!]

sohbet · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings