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Lu Xiaolian as the Sixth young miss of Duke of Wu amily, From a very young age she moved from one battlefield to another with the Lu family. The Lu family was a powerful military family of Wei Empire. The Lu's had supported many Generation of the Emperors. The Lu's had always been loyal focusing only on guarding the Empire. Duke of Wu lost his wife in childbirth so he played a dual role in his children's lives. Lu Xiaolian was raised by her father and the entire Lu family. Lu Xiaolian had always lived a carefree life until the Emperor decree was sent, Announcing her marriage to the Crown Prince of Wei Zhongshan Huang as an Imperial Consort. Zhongshan Huang has always believed in performing his duty and responsibilities of the crown Prince. For a long time he had always made various sacrifices for the empire never wanting anything for himself that is until he met Lu Xiaolian who made him dream for something better. He soon learned that that he could never live in a world where She never existed. ***Exceprt*** it was a day and half before he woke up, the room was very bright so Zhongshan Huang winced as he opened his eyes. it seams that he was lying in an inn, he looked to his right to find Lu Xiaolian lying side ways next to him from the white cloth in her hands he could tell that she had been taking care of him. She looked very beautiful with her face bare, she looked very innocent and peaceful with her eyes closed to the many worries in life. He really wished to see her this way even awake, her smile was so beautiful that he really wished that like in the past he could see it everyday. Sometimes he wished he didn't have all these responsibilities then maybe he could spend every moment of the day with her in his arms smiling brightly at him. He was admiring her face when the door was pushed open by her maid Yao Yao carrying a bow of water, waking her. Lu Xiaolian open her eyes and seeing the wide awake Zhongshan Huang smiled and said "Your aware, Yao drop the bowl by the bed and get me some drinking water" Yao Yao bowed and walked out of the room. "How are you feeling" she raised her hands to feel his temperature "you fever is gone that's good I will give you some water to drink your throat must be dry after being unconscious for A day and half" she continued arranging his blankets "Why did you come, you knew it was too risky you could have been hurt. why didn't you stay back in the capital" he said grabbing her hand. "It doesn't matter" she replied trying to release her hands. "Yes it does, Xiaolian I didn't want you to come, I don't want you hurt. why didn't you just stay in the manor, what were you thinking" he said holding tightly. "That you could be hurt, you were missing, it was reported that you fell off a cliff and died. I was cared I did know what to think. So I search for you without care, I wanted you found dead or alive it didn't matter I just wanted to hold you in my hands. I love you Zhongshan Huang, I don't care about myself only you" she shouted with tears rolling down her eyes. Zhongshan Huang was shocked speechless. Lu Xiaolian feeling shy pulled out her hands and turned to walk away when she was dragged back into the bed and into his hand "Well I do care about you that is, so don't ever try this again" he said bent his head and kissed her. After a few seconds later she raised up and still blushing said "You never gave me your answer". "I would think my kiss would have said it all, well I love you Lu Xiaolian no matter what I always have and to me you are most important so don't ever risk your life without my permission" he said placing a kiss on her forehead. "Even for you" she said with a smile. "Especially for me, I love you Lu Xiaolian, I always have and always will even till the end of time" He said hugging her.

MITCHIEWilliams ยท Historical Romance
Not enough ratings