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Descendants of Midgard - The Lost Dwarfs

Follow the tale of Orfal Brownfury, a dwarf who tackles the struggles of his unique life in a lost dwarven society. Orfal hails from the fortress known as IronShell and was born into an originating colonal family of the place. The first generation Brownfury established a family trade that is strictly capitalized by each new generation descendant. It is common local knowledge that the Brownfury's successful beginnings is not credited toward their forefather's ability as a dwarf. Instead the family's success is a direct result of receiving the blessings of the four founding dwarf protectors of Midgard- Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and of course Vestri. The protector's blessings were required to be placed on an individual after a more interesting design flaw was uncovered during the creation of IronShell. Much time has past since then and the present IronShell dwarfs no longer have any recognition of Midgard or the founding dwarfs who build their stronghold. Maybe it's destiny that this young dwarf will figure out some of these fabled mysteries. But one thing will be made clear, there literally is no other dwarf with more motivation to know why than Orfal Brownfury.

Crafter05 · Fantasy
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Teaching You Things You Should Have Learned in School: Racism Edition

First off: I apologize for the novel genre category. Obviously this isn’t realistic fiction and is a harsh reality. This site just isn’t really geared towards non-fiction and none of the pre-set genres describe my book well enough. Anyway, I've created this education series in aims of teaching people about the important things in life that they never really learned. Our education system is so faulted that we aren't learning the right things to be successful in life and live happily. The first of this series is this book regarding race and racism. This book discusses what race and racism are, how they relate, how they impact POCs, and how we can combat these negative effects through education and embracing anti-racism.

Rhyan_Lee · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings