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The young Prince is running away! [BL]

Robin died when he was just ten due to his asthma. After that, he was reincarnated into an unkown world as the crown prince's twin brother of some empire where he was allowed to live a comfortable life. However, as everyone kept comparing him with his brother and even there were gossips about how much of a burden he was to him, Robin made up his mind to run away from the empire and give up his position as the second prince. A carefree life as a commoner wouldn't be that bad after all, everyone would be happy. It's easier to think it than doing it though.

Bai_Tu · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Boy of Sin

The Boy of Sin was a Poem recited by the King that was believed have been possessed by a devil. Thought to be the words of a possessed king. was passed down to teach their children that if they misbehaved the boy of sin would eat them whole including their souls so they could never go to the afterlife. The Church executed the King afraid of the demon that they couldn't purify and buried him and his family far away on a cliff to be lost forever. This is the story of the boy of sin...

Kooii · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings