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Married to a What?!

Uchiha Sasuke, younger brother of the last Uchiha heirs to a billion-dollar empire, is a normal University student. By a stroke of luck, he winds up saving an injured animal of what he thought was a dog. Meet Naruto, the youngest son of Hagoromo Gitsune. In debt to his saviour, Naruto offers to pay back the debt through one request. A misunderstanding occurs when Sasuke says "Be my lover." What happens when the naïve fox takes it literally? Warning: Boys love and ratings may go up (if not already). Don't like don't read.

Destiny_Aitsuji · Anime & Comics
66 Chs

Devil fruits as a Queen.

Like the start of every other reincarnation fanfic, a woman dies and is chosen by a god to reincarnate for his ammusement. She does not get to chose anything except for 5 devil fruits of her choice. The worst of all is that all knowledge she has on the dc world is erased? And there are aliens attacking new york? SIGH* Troublesome. The mc will be more or less overpowered from the start. She also doesn't really care for anyone other than her friends and family. she will help, but if they die, she wont really care.

Amateur_keyboard · Anime & Comics
19 Chs

Candle In The Wind

Warning: Boys Love Omegaverse Summary: Asami never thought that he'd be sharing his lifespan with a mate that burned through it like water. As a yakuza, the alpha never thought that having a fated mate was a good thing. When Takaba Akihito tumbled into his life, how will Asami Ryuichi adapt? My Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UrtDMXn Support me: https://www.patreon.com/destinyaitsuji

Destiny_Aitsuji · Anime & Comics
23 Chs


"Till Fate brings you Home, I'll wait through your PHASES" ------------------------------------------------------ We cooked the breakfast in peace and tranquillity, so focused on the process to not even chit-chat in between. Or probably it was just me, too gone in the process of cooking to notice his stare on me. "Hikari..." "Yeah?" I don't look up from the bowl I'm mixing batter in, until I feel his presence right behind me. His hands began crawling up my arms, I let go of the bowl, and he turns me around. "Yes Taehyung?" a smirk forms on the corner of his lips and a shiver goes down my spine, this couldn't be good. "Up." Up? What could that possibly mean? Then it strikes me, I feel his hands wrapping around my waist, he wants me to sit on the kitchen counter. So I jump instinctively. I bit my lip out of habit, while he spreads my legs and walks forward, leaving no space between us. "Unbutton my shirt." I was hesitant but my hands followed his demands unwilling to upset him. My fingers were trembling against his buttons, his constant gaze upon me following each action of mine rendered me diffident. God why won't my hands stay calm, I strived hard to unbutton his fourth button when his hands engulfed mine and I bit my lip as he made me look up at him. "My turn." My eyes widened on realisation as his hands swiftly reached the hem of my shirt. He leisurely unbuttoned my shirt, his eyes never leaving my face, he was absorbing every bit of my bashfulness, every reaction I made. I felt a chill across my chest, and that's when I noticed that he was done with his task. "I love your sub nature." I like his dominant side too, but at times he was too intimidating for me to bare with. "Kiss me." I gulped and reached for his lips, and to my surprise he stepped backwards and giggled. "Kiss me Hikari." I jumped off the counter and reached to kiss his lips yet again but he stood straight, he was too tall for me to reach without him bending down. "I can't...." I shrugged at his unusual demand to which he was being uncooperative. "Disobeying me, are you?" He expression switched to a daunting one, and I blinked in response and shook my head. "But I don't see you following my instructions?" I gulp as he advances towards me.. __________ Hikari Yi is a girl of a grim, fatalistic world, the love of a family was never one of her assets. Away from the fallen realm of her father’s menacing territory, she leads an independent life. Little did she know the world she was running away from, was advancing towards her at a pace faster than she was travelling at. Hikari admires a world famous boy band, the ORIONS, consisting of seven members. She somehow receives an offer to look after them as a manager or a caretaker. As unexpected as it looks, it isn't. The more time she spends around them, she grows infatuated with one of the seven. Are the feelings mutual? Is he the one to fill the void of solicitude in her life? Overtime, mysteries unfold, what was Hikari's past? What other plans does she have for the boyband she adore? What secrets has she locked? As it is, it isn’t just her. The Orions, too, have got their own darkness to unravel. ____________________________________ -"Tell me once you again that you love me" -"Reassure me once more that you'll stay forever, that you won't leave me alone." -"Who are you.. No... What are you exactly?" -"I want you Hikari. Now." -"Is that how you talk to your boss?" -"Your clothes are see-through" -"Yakuzas are the most feared mob group" -“This world won’t let us be.” ____________________________________ It's an enthralling, mystery, romance, action thriller. It has everything you've been looking for. High school romance? Office heated relations? Eternal love? Mafia? demons? Vampires? Boys? Best friends? Family? Action? Suspense? It's all there, read to indulge in the roller-coaster adventure!

s_cosmos · Celebrities
47 Chs

Stripper In Love

What happens when the girl who has been on her own since she was fourteen gets tired? Tired of the pole, tired of working till early the next morning... But what happens when a famous CEO comes in and changes everything?

Itsbribri_okay · Celebrities
Not enough ratings
44 Chs

The Ahkashic Library: A Multiverse Fic

A young girl whose first few years were full of shit was granted an opportunity. An opportunity to act as the owner of The Ahkashic Library. The Library known to keep all records and gives it user's knowledge out of bounds. Let's see how the young girl survives in this new reality while enjoying everything she can and should. Why? Because nobody, and I mean nobody annoys The Librarian. ________________ A/N: Hey all, Kazuki here! This story is a fan-fic which I will keep writing as suggestions or my own idea comes in but most of the time, it will be my own story to write. So, sorry to y'all SI fans! Meanwhile, please read the works of another Author- Maerry. Enjoy!

Kazuki_King · Others
Not enough ratings
3 Chs

Getting fed up of your cold husband taehyung ff

When he always prioritized his girl best friend over his wife.

Malaika_Arshad · Celebrities
Not enough ratings
11 Chs