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I Woke My Vegetative Husband up After Booktransmigrating

Ming Liuyi transmigrated into a novel she had read, and to make matters worse, she was placed into the body of the novel's antagonist who shares the same name. The original Ming Liuyi, bullied into marrying a cripple, decided to abuse the rich male lead, Yao Zizhou, until he went into a vegetative state. Ming Liuyi knew she had three months of safety before Yao Zizhou woke up and took his revenge. But for some reason, she was drawn to him, and when she touched him, her spiritual energy began to stir. No one suspected that Yao Zizhou would actually still be perfectly aware of his surroundings, though he couldn't move. He continued his days in great confusion when his arranged wife from hell was suddenly replaced with a sweet, nice girl, who actually cared for him dutifully and spoke to him with gentle words. It aroused his curiosity, but right before he could wake and see her, she fled. Yao Zizhou huffed in annoyance. There was no way he would let her escape his clutches.

minmin · Romance

The Rich Young Lady Destroyed Her Dream Girl Script

Yan Xi was the eldest young lady of the Yan family, the head of Beiqiao City’s top four aristocratic families. Despite her astonishing talents, she was sick and destined to die young. She was an unattainable dream girl for many. She had a dream one day and dreamt that she was in a novel. In the novel, her father adopted a girl named Chen Xiangxiang who looked just like her to alleviate his pain of losing his wife, and soon his daughter. The girl was as docile as a deer and spending time with her was very therapeutic, which made her all the more lovable. This girl became her substitute, and after a series of heart-wrenching incidents, everyone —ranging from her father and her brother to her fiance and her friends— doted on this girl. Meanwhile, Yan Xi fought against the girl in every aspect, and she eventually became the evil second female lead. In the end, she was despised and hated by everyone. After having sulfuric acid splashed onto her face and ended up disfigured, she jumped from a building and fell to her death. After her death, she left a large inheritance which was inherited by the girl. Yan Xi, who used to not care about dying because she regretted not being able to save her mother, did not want to die anymore. She destroyed her dream girl script and decided to stay away from the lunatics around her. At the same time, she decided to live her life well with the intent of stopping anyone who lays their eyes on her assets while she reveals her hidden identities, one by one, and destroys the trash she encounters. During the process, she happened to protect a good-looking young man who was cold and upright. Turns out, he's a big boss with many hidden identities too?

Yijie Jingfu · Contemporary Romance

Real And Fake Young Lady: I Have Seven Brothers Pampering Me After I Transmigrated

Chu Ning transmigrated into a novel as a fake young lady who was switched at birth. The real young lady, Ye Ting, was supposedly in Chu Ning’s original poor family, and was forced to drop out of school to work and raise Chu Ning’s seven brothers. In the original story, once the real young lady was reclaimed by the Ye family, the fake young lady’s life fell apart. She started going against the real young lady without knowing that the real young lady was the female lead. The latter even had seven brothers to support her, and she eventually made a comeback with her overwhelming advantage. Meanwhile, the fake young lady had resorted to every scheme she could, even faking suicide, only to end up tragically with everyone hating on her. Chu Ning transmigrated over at the crucial time when the real young lady just returned, and the fake young lady was fighting to stay at the Ye family by threatening suicide. Outside the door, her foster mother spoke in an icy tone, “I don’t care. She has to return to the slums. I get annoyed whenever I look at her now. Why does she get to live a lavish life while my biological daughter had to suffer in the slums? She even had to stop schooling to work and raise her brothers!” Her foster father said, “Still, we’ve raised her all her life, and our family can afford to feed another. Now that she’s threatening suicide, let’s just let her stay.” Chu Ning rushed out of the ward. “I’ll leave! I’ll discharge today and go back at once. I’m not a member of the Ye family, so I have no reason to insist on staying.” Her foster mother was surprised, and her foster father was puzzled. Chu Ning ignored them. After knowing how the original plot went, she set three goals for herself. One, to stay away from the female lead! Two, to stay away from the male lead! Three, to live a good life in the slums! Yet, to her surprise, after being successfully abandoned by the Ye family, her biological brothers all became tycoons in their respective industries. Chu Ning effortlessly made a comeback all of a sudden! Even the male lead who had called off their marriage now forced her into a corner, saying, “Ningning, be mine!”

Dream Coffee · Romance

Oh, no! I Became the Sister of the Novel's Tragic Heroine!

Yin Xun wanted to read a light-hearted novel, only to be tricked by the synopsis. It turns out that it was an abusive plot, with the male lead causing the female lead's family to fall apart, while he imprisoned her with domestic violence and subjected her to all sorts of torment... only for them to live happily ever after!Finishing the book, Yin Xun complained about the female lead: If I could transmigrate into the book, I will slap you in the face so that you would wake up! What an idiot! Bleurgh! And yet, she transmigrated into the book in the next instant and became the nonexistent sister of the female lead, leaving her speechless. Is it that costly to voice a complaint these days?! She had to transmigrate as payment?!Still, what happened had happened. Rolling up her sleeves, Yin Xun looked at her adorable family and prepared herself to torture the male lead... but at the next instant, her wish came true, as the first slap she gave was to the female lead!What do you mean, we're rich, and it was no skin off our back, so we don't need to give any compensation? This was the starting point of our downfall! Realizing that the female lead was a little skanky and very much deserved to be tormented, Yin Xun decided to straighten her out along with the male lead. Nonetheless, she wanted a trade empire for herself as well, since she couldn't allow her life to revolve around those two... but a certain big-shot got upset as her business began to take off: "What is more important? Me, or your ambition?"Yin Xun: "So, are you cutting ties with me?"Seeing that she did not get what he was saying, the big-shot sighed: "No."The path of wife-chasing was a long one for him!

Please Give Buff · Romance

I Transmigrated Into a Novel and Became the Vicious Stepmother of Five Cute Babies

# COZY # OMNIPOTENT # CHIEFASSISTANT In her past life, Mo Ruyue was a top-notch assassin. She was as indifferent as an abyss, and had killed more people than she had fingers to count. In her new life, she became the vicious stepmother of five munchkins in a remote mountain valley, and they were terrified of her. In this life, she decided to change the way she lived. She only had four bare walls for a house? Her children starved to the point they were just skin and bones? No problem. She could kill wild boars with her bare hands, so food wasn’t an issue. She was also proficient in multiplication tables, and her kids instantly became big fans of hers. It had been a difficult journey to change from a vicious stepmother to a warm one. Then, her supposedly dead husband suddenly returned, now the first minister of the dynasty.“Let’s divorce. Give me the children, and I’ll return the money to you.” “I don’t lack anything, just you and the children.”

Wu Shuangzhou · Romance

I Got Divorced as Soon as I Transmigrated Into a Book!

# PRETENDTOBEAFOOL Even though Bai Yun’s parents died when she was young, her grandfather was a retired special forces soldier and her grandmother was from a cultural art troupe. Both of them loved her a lot. One taught her how to defend herself with martial arts, while the other taught her all she needed to know about life. Bai Yun worked hard too, and at twenty-three years old, she won her first international actress award. However, on the happiest day of her life, she transmigrated into an extremely melodramatic novel. She became a lowly female cannon fodder who was written off in less than three chapters. In the book, Bai Yun had lived in a repressed environment since she was young, which made her cowardly as well as lacking in opinion and love. That made her an easy target for bad guys. Her only friend regarded her as a tool and wanted to sell Bai Yun to pave a way for herself. Bai Yun’s husband also decided to leave her because she filed for divorce three times a day, and he fell for someone else. Before her career in the entertainment industry took off, she was cursed and scolded on public platforms for her poor acting and her continuous blunders. Bai Yun, who had just transmigrated, didn’t even have time to adjust to her new identity when divorce papers were thrown at her. Bai Yun: “Can we stay together?” Chu Jiang: “It’s too late.” “Okay.”Since their marriage couldn’t be saved, Bai Yun decisively signed the papers and proactively went about saving her acting career that was on the verge of collapsing at any time. When netizens first saw Bai Yun appearing on the screen: “She’s yesterday’s news already, yet she’s still trying to turn things around? If she can do it, I’ll stand upside down and wash my hair.”Later, in an online drama, she was devastatingly beautiful and her dancing charmed everyone’s hearts. On variety shows, she relied on her attitude and strength to turn the tables and become the national goddess. A brand that was about to go bankrupt asked Bai Yun to be their spokesperson. People clamored for the goods, and the crisis was successfully overcome! As Bai Yun’s worth and brilliance spread further, many more people and fans couldn’t help but worry about their idol’s marriage. Just when the fans were matchmaking Bai Yun with the men in the entertainment industry, a certain man couldn’t sit still any longer.“Darling, I was wrong. Can we remarry?”

Mountain Spring · Romance

The Eloping Female Supporting Character Transmigrates and Changes Her Fate!

Zhou Miao transmigrated into a book. The lead characters led sweet, blissful lives... but regrettably, Zhou Miao was not the female lead! Instead, she was cannon fodder and a side character. Though she married rich as well, she spurned her autistic husband, cheated on him, and eloped! Nonetheless, she was tied to an unknown system the day she transmigrated. It had the ability to observe her husband's mood, while informing her that the female lead intended to steal her husband from her! Once her defense rating dropped to zero, she would die... and she only had three days to fix that. If she wanted to reclaim what had been taken from her and stay alive, she must farm the happiness rating of her autistic husband. But with her fate tied to another person's mood, Zhou Miao wondered, ‘Isn't this life too harsh?’ Making an autistic person happy... How was it different from killing her? At night, she lifted an eyebrow as she watched a huge sad emoji linger over her husband's head as he sat on the edge of the bed, pouting and holding a teddy bear in his arms. Zhou Miao: Oh, what's wrong? You're unhappy? When I'm playing with you while putting my survival on the line?! Still, as he kept throwing a fit, she leaned in with a gentle smile and placed a soft peck on the tip of his ear. "What, you're not happy? How about another kiss?" A pretty pink appeared over the spot she kissed, and the huge sad emoji turned into a smiling emoji so enormous it almost hit Zhou Miao on the head. Watching her adorable husband and brushing her hair behind her ear, Zhou Miao thought to herself, ‘Elope? Not in this life! I will never get sick of freeloading or my handsome husband!’

ACEE · Romance

The Little Devil of Mr. Wen is Bewitching the World

# MOVIESTAR Following an unfortunate plane crash, Ying Jing transmigrated into a book as the villainous supporting character and was forced to follow the storyline or die. Due to pushbacks from the leading characters, she suffered terrible consequences and was reborn after her suicide. After missing out on her true love in her previous life because of the mandatory plotline, Ying Jing decided to indulge in her love this time round. Even though the original plot dictated that she fall for the male lead, she fearlessly pursued a certain mysterious bigwig... Unexpectedly, the bigwig started to shower her with gifts: luxury mansions, prestige cars, even putting his own assets under her name. Then, on a certain day, when Ying Jing was still plotting to win over the bigwig, she found out that the bigwig was also a transmigrator, leaving her so stunned she dropped her popcorn in shock. The naive tsundere reincarnated to woo the CEO, who was actually setting a trap for her. Wen Fucheng, the wealthiest man of the country had harbored a secret love for her for over two lifetimes.

Chen An'An · Romance
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