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My Rich Wife

"Three years into Qin Yu's marriage, his wife and in-laws all hated him. On a fateful day, he found out that his wife was cheating on him, and she chased him out of their house. Just as Qin Yu was completely devastated, the daughter of the prestigious Yan Family of Jing City came to him. She handed him his father's will and a contract of his and her marriage. Years later, whenever people talked of Qin Yu, he was either the Holy Healer, Master of Martial, the Apex Cultivator, and more. Qin Yu had become the strongest legend that had ever existed. However, Qin Yu denied all the praises, saying that he was a man that loved his wife a lot."

Taibai And A Qin · Urban
2636 Chs

I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

"Hubby, I don't want anymore, I feel terrible..." "Baby, be good, finish up this medicine." The handsome man embraces the woman in his arms, coaxing her tenderly as he feeds her the medicine. Qiao Mianmian stumbles upon Mo Yesi, the most esteemed scion in all of Yuncheng City, and ends up sleeping with him for the night. After he offers her benefits in exchange for their marriage, the newly appointed Mrs Mo suddenly has the power to have everything she ever wished for. "Hubby, I slapped the Movie Queen Cheng Feifei today, was I too much?" "Baby, does your hand hurt? Let me rub it for you." "Hubby, I maxed out your credit card, are you angry?" "Baby, are you happy with your purchase? Let me know when you need more." "Hubby, I'm tired today, I don't want to move..."

Light Dance · Urban
3023 Chs

Mi esposa es millonaria

Incluso luego de tres años de estar casado, todos odian a Qin Yu, incluidos su esposa y su familia política. Un fatídico día, descubrió que su mujer lo engañaba. Pero ella terminó echándolo de la casa, dejándolo desolado. Pero en su peor momento, la hija de la prestigiosa familia Yan de la ciudad de Jing se acercó a él. Le moestró el testamento de su padre y le pidió matrimonio. Años más tarde, todos alababan a Qin Yu. Se había convertido en un Curandero Sagrado, el mejor luchador marcial un cultivador del más alto nivel, y mucho más. Ahora, era una leyenda viviente, la más impresionante que había existido. Sin embargo, él siempre negaba todas las alabanzas, diciendo que era un simple un hombre que amaba a su esposa.

Taibai And A Qin · Urban
40 Chs