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Spiderman with Ultimate login System

After fight with sinister six. Peter got poisoned and lose his life. At same time person from another world died and his soul take over body of peter. watch journey of different peter parker with different personality become strongest hero in whole multiverse with system by his side. I don't own any character used in this story except some oc I might use. I don't own marvel, dc, and any friction i use in this story.

Spider33 · Anime & Comics
61 Chs

A New Life As Ben 10

You know how it goes. Guy meets God and get some wishes, then goes to live his new life. There was no explanation or reason for it, God just wanted some entertainment and who is he to refuse? You dont look a gift horse in the mouth. What are waiting for? Go read it. -------------------------------------------------------- Small harem. Genderbent Kevin. System. (These may not be your thing) The system wont have that whole stupid punishment for failing a mission troupe. There will be consequences, but nothing major. (Check Auxiliary) I'm open to ideas, but I do these for my own enjoyment so I will do things my way for the most part. This is more of a side project to my main fanfic. I upload when I feel like it. Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own Ben 10.

PassiveAtom5140 · Anime & Comics
23 Chs

Ben 10: Justice Incarnate

Stranded in an unknown world, Ben must fulfill his destiny here and change history for the better. (Ben 10 x Young Justice/Justice League/DC) | Patreon.com/Firestorm808 | buymeacoffee.com/Firestorm808 | Discord Server: discord.gg/2uP8ka2

Firestorm808 · Anime & Comics
18 Chs

Ben 10: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Ben is sent to the world of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! With political and cosmic danger on the rise, it's up to Ben and the Marvel heroes to set things straight. | Patreon.com/Firestorm808 | buymeacoffee.com/Firestorm808 | Discord Server: discord.gg/2uP8ka2 A spin-off to Ben 10: Justice Incarnate. (Ben 10 x Avengers EMH/X-Men/MCU/Marvel) Like my work? Please consider supporting me, so I can keep writing as often as possible. Even a little means a lot and helps me dedicate more time and resources to my work.

Firestorm808 · Anime & Comics
19 Chs

Unlimited Rex (Ben 10 x Marvel fanfic)

A young man was chosen to be reincarnate as an alternate Ben Tennyson of Marvel universe by the God and Professor Paradox. He gets with various powers and goes to Marvel. With his knowledge and skills, he uncovers various secrets in the multiverse. Let's see his journey of becoming the most powerful. # I do not own the cover or anything from Ben 10 or Marvel or from anime, movies or TV shows except the MC. They belong to their respective owners. Some additional information from Hymaster986: > No overpowered system for MC. >English is not my main language, so don't expect any perfect grammar with no mistakes. My writing skill is not at the same level to the paid writers. >This story is mine and I will decide what I should do. >Anyone who started to hate/feel bored reading this, you can remove it from your library.

Hymaster986 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
23 Chs

My Hero Academia: Generator Rex

A man responsible for the destruction of the world died and gets reincarnated to save a world with the powers of Generator Rex. A world filled with quirks is slowly dying. Can new Rex save this world?? Disclaimer: I don’t own any character in this fanfic. Generator Rex is an American animated science fiction television series created by Man of Action, maker of Ben 10 For advance chapters or support me here: https://www.patreon.com/J_Titan

J_Titan · Anime & Comics
51 Chs

Login in Ben 10 (adaptation, not original)

(english is not my first language) Bryce was reincarnated into the Ben 10 universe and now begins his journey with a login system alongside max, ben and gwen. It is not my original novel, I just use a translator and then try to adapt it to make it more enjoyable for others this is the original link http://ffxs8.com/trxs/16908/1.html

Dagon_vcg · TV
75 Chs

Ben 10,000 x D.C. Universe

Ben Tennyson as an adult finds himself in the D.C. universe after working on a null void projector and getting sucked in during a malfunction. With no hurry to get home, how will Ben enjoy his time in this universe? This is just for fun so no frequent uploads. It's rated R-18 but I don't know if I'm gonna do a harem. In this story, Ben is an adult and has master control and new additions. I DO NOT claim ownership of any characters and places mentioned in this story. Enjoy! Cover made by myself using Clip Studio Pro

Ignatius_Artist · TV
34 Chs