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Heaven Sent Adoption Agency

XXX Rated 18+ only Now I know what you’re thinking, this could not be about sex, BDSM, torture, non-consensual, love and above all else money. However, there is so much more but you must read to find out more. (M+-f+, non-consensual, reluctant, bestiality, bondage, drugs, enema, torture). NO children are harmed in this book. This is an all adult base book.

Tiffany_Anyway · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Sometimes love cannot overcome the shadows of past... Blood Red

Sometimes shadows of past cannot be overcome... Myra There is a point in everyone's life which changes them. This point also came in my life which changed me. From an innocent girl I changed into a girl with a dark soul. At the mere age of fifteen everything was taken from me. It has been five years since I escaped my nightmare. Five years since I locked the memories of those horrible three years deep in my mind, where I wouldn't be able to reach them. Five years since I took the oath to destroy my tormentors. But after ten years I met him once again. The man who rules my fantasies, my dreams and my thoughts. He has come to claim me as his. But if I want him alive then I will have to fight him. Derek I have finally found her. After ten years of searching and failing I finally have her in my grasp. And there is no way I am letting her go, ever. She thinks that she will be able to defy me and get away with it but she doesn't know that I am a man who loves control. I will be controlling every part of her until she becomes mine completely; until she gives me her body, mind, heart and soul. And I. Am not alone in this.

shadesofdark1 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Cat & Mouse (Under Construction)

Being the son of millionaires was just the peak of his life. Tall, dark and handsome with deep black curly hair and lustful blue eyes. This 27 year old esteemed model has lived life up to boredom. That was until he met this so called V, a young assassin who for some reason is after his head.

Black_Hennessy · Magical Realism
Not enough ratings