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Jackson Bare's overpowered adventure through Marvel and the Omniverse

WARNING THIS STORY IS WRITTEN BY A VERY NEW AUTHOR SO THERE WILL BE A LOT OF LOOPHOLES AND THINGS THAT DON"T MAKE SENSE, IT WILL GET BETTER BUT IF YOU CAN"T WAIT FOR THAT THEN I ADVISE YOU TO SKIP! This is just a wish a story I made for fun it's going to have a very overpowered mc so if you don't enjoy that I will not recommend this for you if you do have some advice for places and people I have the mc meet please comment. I am also a beginner writer so this story might not be the best one plus there might not be a lot of training arch or whatever, I will try to build up other characters though. Anyway, this story is about a young man who gets a couple of wishes and ends up fighting alongside the Avengers and being brothers with Loki and Thor hope you enjoy it. Oh and obviously everything except Jackson, Arthur, and Devion and system belongs to their right full owner Marvel, Jackson, Arthur, and Devion, and the system are mine. Don't want any copyright infringements

Jackson_Bare · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Man Out of Time - Steve Rogers x OC x Bucky Barnes

After Charlie's parents died in a car crash she moved in with her Uncle Clint and Aunt Laura Barton. Clint helped her work through her pain by training her. She knew his job and knew where he was going the times he would leave. One day Clint and her friend Nat appear at the farm to ask her if she's interested in joining the Avengers. Charlie doesn't hesitate to join, but she's nervous about meeting everyone. Especially Steve Rogers. Once her and Steve meet it's instant that they are both clearly attracted to one another. Charlie wants to protect the man, and will follow him anywhere. Will he cause her more problems or is a good fit for her? What happens when she meets his best friend, Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier? This story follows the MCU timeline starting at Civil War *I do not own anything belonging to the Marvel franchise, including film scripts, characters, plots, themes, movies, etc. I only own my Character Charlie and her added addition to the story.

Georgiagirl706 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings