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Our Secret Love (Dabi x Reader)

You find out your childhood best friend is a villain. He also finds out you’re a hero going to UA. You both realize you were meant for each other but are also enemies. How will your secret romance go out? What will happen if you are caught? "But I love you. If your a hero and I'm a villain we can't be together. I love you too much to lose you again." "I love you too." "I don't want to lose you either. I want to be with you, but who knows what could happen if others find out." "Then it could be a secret." "What?" "Our secret love."

Danna_Bella · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Maybe I Do Love You

Aiko is one of Sasuke Uchiha's best friends. The girl was just as loud and obnoxious as his other best friend, Naruto. Aiko, being the shameless girl she is would constantly tell Sasuke jokingly that he loves her, even in public and it annoyed him to death. But the thing is, Aiko like annoying him, little did she know what she's been claiming was coming true. * All the characters belongs to Masashi Khisimoto.

Natsugirl · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings