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I Am Supreme

The drug is only poison if it doesn’t become medicine, the man perishes into ashes ultimately if he doesn’t become god! The remarkably intelligent Supreme avenges the empire’s vengeance and personal grudge. Firm and unyielding, tender and kind, he is tangled in love, resentment, good, and evil. The unparalleled divine art quashes the world’s injustice while the unwavering loyalty weaves eternal brotherhood. The heaven’s way is flawed, the humanly world lacks justice; Evil runs rampant in the worldly realm and in the ethereal world; I mourn for your kindness, I rage for your indifference; Beyond where the law rules, I shall perform the execution. Subdue the world by martial force, the injustice shall be exterminated; I yield the saber in my hand, I carry the passion in my heart; My love nestles in my embrace, the treacherous rests under my blade; The world is overseen with nonchalance, there is no more regrets in this life.

Feng Ling Tian Xia · Eastern Fantasy

Starting from Zero

To achieve a reality of being able to convert between game currency and fiat currency, a powerful and robust economic institution is required to guarantee the conversion rate. And such an entity can only be the government of a nation. But why would a government be willing to act as a guarantor of such a currency exchange? A war can be fought in such a way. One need not win a war through bloodshed. "Zero", a game that allows the exchange of game currency and fiat currency, is the ultimate money making machine, and yet, a financial bomb waiting to explode.

Thunderstorm · Video Games

A Kiss for Your Eyelid [Historical BL]

Jun Yunru, once the esteemed ger (third gender : child-bearing men) Empress of Great Qi, fell to ruin at the hands of those he once considered his own. Driven into madness by the loss of his unborn children, he spent the rest of his days in a haze at the Cold Palace. In the end, he was poisoned to death by the one person he had always regarded as his closest kin. However, due to the mysterious power of the Blood Moon that took place during the night of his death, Jun Yunru turned into a wandering ghost. Two years had passed until one day, Jun Yunru was no longer a ghost. He had found out that he had reincarnated back into his seventeen years-old self of a decade ago. Vowing to atone for his sins and collect his debts, Jun Yunru embarks on a new journey in this second lease of life. {WARNING : This is BL with Mpreg so if this is not your cup of tea, please refrain from reading it. There will be some NSFW restricted content in later chapters.] ***Disclaimers*** -This story is set in a vaguely ancient Chinese setting with an alternative history. I'm not Chinese so I apologize for any mistakes with some of the titles and terms of address. -This universe features three genders : Female, male and ger (men who can give birth). So there will be Mpreg. The ger concept was taken with liberty from the Quickly Wear The Face of the Devil novel. It isn't my original concept. I merely expanded on it. -Terms like Empress, concubine, consort and Wangfei will be used as gender-neutral titles (applying both to women and ger). **Updates** -No fixed schedule yet. I mostly write when I feel like it. But, I will try my best to update at least one 3k words chapter a week. **Cover** -It is not my art, I found it on google image search. If you are the artist and wish me to take it down, please send me a msg.

LostinMovement · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings