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My healing love (Omegaverse)

**NO MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING** 18+ scenes Because your love heals me, I will give you all my life. Trevor: "I can't stand men touches." Trevor looks sadly at the man in front of him, then added "and it seems that my body doesn't like women's pheromone either... So I guess I'm bound to be alone." Soon I realise that I was special because I was the only man who could manage to touch him, and he was the only one whose pheromones could drive me crazy like that. Then I thought maybe we were made for each other. So I decided to help him with my love"- Max "He is the only man I can feel and touch, He is the first one who can make me smile like that." So I thought maybe he is my healing. - Trevor English is not my native language so, be open to point my mistakes!! Special thanks to my sister @nkmc.zone for the cover.

Pryges · LGBT+

Mafia Daddy

I hated him, and he hated me but then I started loving him but he still hated me, I took the first step and he rejected me.... Was I not your mate!!! Do you really want to go against destiny? I will not wait for you forever, I have waited enough, I want to live my life or our so called life, alone...

minechan864 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

My Mate Is An Omega (A Werewolf Romance)

This is an Alpha x Omega werewolf story where the male omegas can give birth. It includes concepts like #mates, #mpreg, #possessiveness and #bitemarks. Also, a little irrational jealousy. This novel may contain smut !! This is also my first story of this genre so please be kind to me. And comment lots to tell me of any improvements. EnjooooooooY!

Melanie_Kyler · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Daniel Silverwhale

After months of moping about it, Danny finally returns to his hometown, his old house, and old friends. He craved for some normality after 3 years of jumping from town to town and country to country in the old continent. But rather than things getting back to the way they used to be, he returns to a small town where his best friends are part of a gang, his old house seems to be haunted, and he is filled with anxiety for all the changes and new challenges that arise.

Komeron · LGBT+
Not enough ratings