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  • altalt

    Yandere x Reader

    Ever since a child, you were abused. Years passed by and pain became your biggest fear. To be hurt one time was enough for your whole countenance to shake with fear. Maybe you had this little hope in your heart that tables will somehow turn and you'll be able to live peacefully and safely. Safe from your relative's grasp. Unfortunately, the hope entirely disappeared and you began to accept your fate. You went to school with full scholarship but that was it. You studied for the sake of studying but deep inside, you were still lifeless. But what if, one glance was enough for you to be freed from your cage? "You're mine Y/n. If I need to kill your whole family just to be mine then I'd do it." The campus crush said. "I'll kill anyone who'll hurt you." Another whispered in your ear. "Who slapped you earlier? Do you want me to bury her 6 feet below the ground?" Your schoolmate added. Will you take upon this temptation? The temptation to be free from pain? Yes, you'll be free. Free, only to be locked again in a larger cage. REMINDERS: female reader insert Note: -Art belongs to its rightful owner -Story is mine

    gelainess · Teen
    Not enough ratings
  • altalt

    Another Cinderella Story || Yandere X Reader

    Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a tiny kingdom that was peaceful through tradition. There lived a widow father with a beloved daughter with the name of Y/n. With the father remarrying and son passing away she was left with her stepmother, which showed her evil intentions. But with the Kingdoms prince's returning soon, her life will soon bring future outcomes

    blu_kohai · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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