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    Endless Abyss

    100 years ago a mysterious force suddenly enveloped the planet called earth it completely changed everything everyone had known magic and cultivation right out of novels suddenly became true, from people who were not lucky enough to be blessed to use this curse or gift from above too mysterious masters who roam the cosmos in search for greater power to use to rule more people, join Akuma White a weak boy with parents who were killed on the day he was born and not blessed with the mysterious power many people had to a almost god like- no a demonized cold hearted demon who only does that what he wants where he wants and how he wants to do it he only protects the people he cares for or who are worthy for that treatment, his road may not be easy but the rewards throughout is something not many people could even dream of possessing [this story is a mix of magic power and cultivation, the first few chapters may be rushed because i am literally writing this on my phone laying on my bed under my cover] [this novel may be slow paced for certain readers] [i am a new author] [tell me if there are things i need to improve on it the novel]

    Tokyoghoul · Magical Realism
    Not enough ratings
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    Legend of the forgotten

    In a world where humans have the most potential , dragons are the strongest, demons are the cunning, elves are the smartest, and giants are the toughest, what would a dark elf be? seen as a cursed at birth and the lowest population, what would they excel in. Jack star is a dark elf locked in a prison by the smartest of the population, elves, condemned to imprisonment for the rest of his life he falls into despair and anger, but cant do anything about it, until suddenly on a dark night with the full moon out, a dark but sparkling orb makes its way to his cell and offers him an proposal in exchange in power. Cover picture isn’t mine

    Tokyoghoul · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Servants kingdom

    Daoistkenism · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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