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    Blood Assimilation

    Check out my new novel, 'Manifestation of Dreams'. ... A young man without an ability in an ability holders’ world. Due to the sudden and catastrophic appearance of dimensional gates and rifts. The planet has undergone many changes. Those changes include but not exclusive to awakening abilities in humans. With these Awakened Abilities, the humans were able to fight back against the monsters, beasts, demons, and other creatures that poured out of the gates and rifts. A few decades passed with humanity’s survival through countless sacrifices and now, that brings us to our story. Randy, a young man who could not awaken his ability had to not only face the frustration of not being able to awaken his ability but also, the constant bullying of his colleagues at school. A chance meeting will change his fate for the better or for the worse? Only time will tell. Read to find out his rough beginnings and his rise to power and much more. ... To my new readers: Check below for important info. Chapter 1 - 8 of the novel is essentially just a prologue of the novel and it does not impact it too much, so you can skip it if you're averse to things like torture or anything that could induce negativity. Then again, I am not saying that chapter 1 to chapter 8 are less important but some readers might not like it as I've discovered. So I thought about putting it here just in case. But if you don't mind checking it out, then go ahead and read from chapter 1 at your own risk. -BMDR .... Check out my other novel: Two Worlds: Same But Different!! If you like OP or a tad bit innocent protagonists and a little mystery here and there, then this might be the one for you.

    BadMindDarkRaven · Fantasy
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    The Assimilation System

    This is a fantasy. This is a world of elves, dwarves, orcs, beastmen, demons, dragons, teiflings, assimar, halflings, humans, and, more. the great war of the gods is upon us and we mortals are suffering because of it, so the great heroes of all races band together to end this war. but they have fallen and have been smote into nonexistence. So the true hero Sebas enters with his own ability called 'perfect assimilation' Which was granted to him by his grand 'SYSTEM' anything that he will defeat he absorbs its knowledge and skills and gets stronger, but that skill comes with a price he's losing his humanity The cover is not mine

    GrunkDunce · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    A young man finds himself warped into a cruel and dark world, hunted by beasts and hellish nightmares he struggles to find his way back. This story is the sequel to an yet unwritten story about how greed and corruption spread a true corrupting disease across a land. Devilish magic has taken over leaving the land scarred and shadowed in night. Follow the journey of one man’s reality as he uncovers the cost of greed, and what he is becoming. -authors note: Hi! This book may take a while to complete, and it does have a planned prequel and a planned sequel. I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds!

    Solus_Rien · Horror&Thriller
    Not enough ratings
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    I Can Enhance My Talents Using Unlimited Skill Points

    The world is under invasion by creatures from another world. Martial arts became the most important skill in this world, and all cultivators strived to improve their skills. Chen Yiming transmigrated to this world with a special ability - the Martial Arts Talent System. The system allowed him to use Skill Points to enhance his talents infinitely. What if he was born with a physique that was not suitable for cultivating martial arts? He could slowly train in the mountains while waiting for his Skill Points to accumulate. When they reached a certain amount, he could use them to enhance his talent and automatically acquire the physique needed for cultivation. What if he did not have the complete volume of the martial arts technique he practiced? It wasn’t a problem. With sufficient enhancement to his talents using Skill Points, he could automatically deduce the missing parts in the book. With the Martial Arts Talent System, he could defeat everyone who got in his way. He could easily climb the ranks in the martial arts world - becoming the top disciple, the top cultivator, then the grandmaster.

    Dreamscape Superman · Sci-fi
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    I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

    Outer yard disciple of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Xu Xiaoshou, had average talent. However, after coming out of his death seclusion, he realized that everything had changed. He had received a Passive System with many strange, miraculous passive skills: He would become stronger with every breath. He would become stronger when he got attacked. He would become stronger when he got mocked… Xu Xiaoshou was forced to shout, “Oh God, I don’t want to be like this either. Everything I did was because I was being forced to! I am so passive!”

    Eat Apples Late at Night · Eastern Fantasy
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    Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

    The interstellar boss, Zi Yi, has come back to life. Despite clearly being reborn as a daughter to a rich family with a dignified family on her mother's side, she just had to be screwed over by her stepmother's horrendous fostering and egged on to distance herself from her mother's family. Labeled by the people in her circle as a 'Rich, stupid, and shameless to the point of stealing her own sister's boyfriend' woman, Boss Zi Yi merely scoffs. 'Stupid? 'Allow me to show you the true power of the world's strongest brain.' "You're still a high school student, studying should be your priority." Zi Yi has to tilt her head backward to look at the tall and muscular man. Her tone is harsh when she replies, "You really do like poking your nose into others' businesses, don't you?" Cool as ever, Zi Yi slowly changes the ways of the world and how people think with the talents and abilities she had retained from the 22nd century. Nobles and high-ranking officials from the capital want to marry her, only for Zi Yi to reject Young Master He's roses and turn to get into her red sports car while the man who always likes to nag her has the entire Lu family kneeling with him on one knee. "I am the only person in the world who's suitable for you, Zi Yi."

    Prosperity Every Year · Contemporary Romance
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    Demon Assimilation System

    200 years ago was the start of the apocalypse, earth was invaded by an Alien species known as the Kholbals bringing Mana with them, Receiving the blessing of mana shook the earth bringing about dungeons filled with danger as well as opportunities, Ranked from F rank dungeons all the way to SSS ranked , similarly the population gained affinity to mana ranging from F rank to the legendary SSS Rank and therefore the ability to become mages based on their talents and hard work, as well as different resources found in the dungeons. Our MC Alexander Lufrien , son of Rank C superhuman Greg Lufrien and Rank D Angelica Lufrien was given a ring by his parents when they went to join the war against the Kholbals , they tragically died in the war leaving Alex with the money they had saved in their lifetime and the single ring they had left him to remember them by. What secrets does the ring contain??? find out in the novel.

    Savvage_Grimm · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
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    Infinite Survival: I Can Plunder Passive Skills

    The Infinite Survival System suddenly appeared on Planet Blue. Those who are chosen are forced to survive in dungeons. The Survivors can continue to grow stronger if they survive the dungeon missions. However, just one failure and it would be their deaths. Every Survivor gets a talent. Some talents can boost the Survivor's agility, and some enhances their luck, while Zhou Chen’s talent was Passive Plunderer. It allows him to plunder the passive skills of the monsters he hunts. With that talent, Zhou Chen slowly gathers a powerful list of passive skills.

    8k Dollar · Sci-fi
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    Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points

    Ye Ming transmigrated to a world of swords and magic, here there are giant dragons, elves, orcs, magical beasts, the undead… Ye Ming realized that he was a student who obtained the last place at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was about to be expelled. “Ding, Supreme Skills System, loading……” “Ding, unknown reason, system bug has occurred……” “Fixing bug……” “Bug fixed, skill points remaining: max!” …… Looking at the skill panel that had appeared before his eyes, Ye Ming tried to click on the “+” icon behind the “Fireball” magic. “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 6.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 7.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 8.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 9.”...... “Congratulations on your self-taught mastery, you have understood the “Laws of Blasting Fire’, your Fireball has evolved to become Forbidden Spell: Dark Sun Blast!” Looking at the enormous fireball that was as deep and dark as a black hole floating before him, Ye Ming smiled and started going crazy on his skill points…… The next day, Ye Ming dragged his exhausted body to the wizardry academy library. He knew that he had to learn new skills now. Because~ the skills that he’d learned before all became forbidden spells! He tried to light a fire for a barbeque and almost blasted away the entire academy!

    Half-Fated Sir · Fantasy
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    Henrik was summoned to the land of Midos. Bringing with him his artifacts that he used on almost all of his fights in the past was plotted by the people who summoned him and stole it. He was dragged and captured; unable to fight back, he was thrown to the Abyss.

    Emotion888 · Magical Realism
    Not enough ratings
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    genetic assimilation system

    *ding * (Download concluído) (bem-vindo ao sistema de assimilação genética hospedeiro Alexander Morok!) - O que é isso? * ding*(o apocalipse começou, sobreviva às próximas 72 horas para obter mais informações) - Oi, espera, o que você disse sobre o Apocalipse??como sobreviver??? ======================================= Siga a história de Alexander enquanto ele tenta sobreviver em um mundo infestado de monstros, variantes e humanos com superpoderes e trilhe o caminho de um humano comum até a maior ameaça que a humanidade já viu.========================================Nota do autor: a história se passa em um mundo paralelo, e, apesar de alguns nomes podem ser usados ,não há nenhuma conexão com o mundo real, de pessoas reais, ou lugares reais. O mc é um psicopata desde o nascimento e vê tantos humanos quanto as variantes como inimigos que devem ser eliminados. ps: Se você não gosta de um MC egoísta e violento que não poupa ninguém seja inocente ou não esta história pode não ser para você. A imagem da capa não é minha.

    victoralr · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    My Passive Skills are Invincible!

    "It was an era taken over by a single online game, the ""Second World."" The ""Second World"" offered a vast amount of classes and skills... Micheal, our protagonist, reincarnated back into this era and realized he had a few bugged passive skills that would put him as one of the best. [Passive skill: Damage Reduction: When you receive damage from an enemy, the damage will be reduced accordingly to the reduction percentage. Skill lasts for 10 seconds and takes 10 seconds to cooldown.] [Passive skill: Damage Reflect: When you receive damage, the damage will be reflected accordingly to the reflection percentage.] [Passive skill: Damage Multiplier: When you deal damage to an enemy, the damage you dealt will be multiplied.] [Passive skill: Sword Attack Nullifier: When you attack an enemy with a sword, the enemy will kneel in front of you and catch your blade with their bare hands.] [Passive skill: Priest: When you suffer from damage, automatically heals yourself.] [Passive skill…] [Passive skill…] ......... After reading through all his passive skills, he suddenly realized how invincible he now was. Even though he didn't possessed a single active skill, he could still triumph over everyone else with his passive skills. One day, when the ""Second World"" mysteriously merged with the real world, monsters and divine beings began to invade Earth… That was when Micheal realized that his passive skills have also given him the power to kill these divine beings…"

    Ultimate Guaiguaipi · Sci-fi
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    Maxed Out My Passive Skill Due to My Laziness

    A fully immersive game known as “Game of Gods” had swept the world by storm. It was an online game about elves, magical beasts, and gods, and players could choose to play as one of the vast selection of classes and skills. As soon as Occam logged into the game, he was rewarded with a 10x point system. Since he was too lazy to move around in the game using various active skills, he decided to pour all of his points into the passive skills. He fully leveled a ton of passive skills that could allow him to defeat a boss without even moving, skills such as Counter Attack, Sacrifice, Stun, Evasion, Magic Damage Nullifier, and more. When the players witnessed how Occam defeat his foes, they all had the same reaction. “What the hell? He doesn’t have to move and he’s literally a God!”

    No Transmigration · Video Games
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    Assimilate Everything

    Being reborn with memories intact sounds great, with a system even better, but what if you were not a human anymore? What if you were perhaps reborn as something that could usually be called inanimate? What if you were reborn as an Island? But not just any island, a cursed and living island. The assimilation system has merged with Jack as he evolves to the peak in an infinite world.

    Morgrim_DarkHeart · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Skill:UNLIMITED Reincarnated as a Peasant

    A recluse tried to save whom he thought to be a normie 3D-girl. He eventually got reincarnated. (The book cover's a temporary one.)

    JuliusAlfred · Fantasy
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    The Assimilating Hero

    Glutton, a parasitic substance that attached itself to me who was on the verge of death inside a dungeon. My growth seems to be limitless, I gain the attribute of any thing I assimilate. The tale of the Strongest Dungeon Raider who becomes a hero and saves the world begins

    fingers1 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

    Fang Heng was transmigrated to a parallel world and his soul was forced into the body of a man who had just committed suicide. Huh? What? Every human here was being forced to join a game? Those who refused would be killed? Wait? This suicide dude was a pro gamer? He had the highest S-rank talent sill, the Zombie Clone? Damn! The S-rank skill evolved! My zombie clones could auto hunt! [Your zombie army has crafted Wooden Axe x720 when you were offline. You have received 1921 experience points for the Basic Crafting skill.] [Your zombie army has chopped down 27,821 trees and gathered 128,973 pieces of wood while you were offline. You have received 2,171,921 experience points for the Basic Wood Chopping skill.] Just as the rest of the players were struggling to survive in the zombie apocalyptic game, Fang Heng's zombie clones were starting to clear every resource out of the forest. Hm... What an interesting game!

    Empire Black Knight · Video Games
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    The Innkeeper

    In the depths of a newborn universe, a cultivator takes advantage of the abundant energy to refine himself a treasure. But after 14 billion years of refining and quite a few more to go, he decides to entertain himself by releasing countless systems and watching how the creatures of this fledgling universe handle them. On Earth, a young man, lost and confused about what to do with his life, sits in a park and looks up at the night sky. A shooting star, a wish and a bang. When the boy finally wakes up he hears a sound, "assimilation complete. Launching System. Welcome to the Midnight Inn. Host Designation: The Innkeeper."

    lifesketcher · Fantasy
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    Job Change For Everyone: My Job Can Infinitely Evolve

    "The world underwent a mutation that year. The game world appeared in reality and various disasters started to ravage the world. To resist all of this, everyone had to plan for their job choice, manically level up, and strive to become stronger. There were mages, warriors, knights, and summoners—over 100 different kinds of jobs. This was a job that a person would be stuck with his entire life. Thus, everyone chose cautiously. Out of this dazzling array of jobs, Moses picked Knight—which had the most average ability value—to be his job. At the same time, he also awakened the Hundredfold Increase System. ""Ding! Detected that the host learned Shielding. The skill has become Absolute Defense after the hundredfold increase!"" ""Ding! Detected that the host learned Defensive Domain. The skill has become No Damage Domain after the hundredfold increase!"" At the same time, Moses also discovered that his job could evolve infinitely! ""Ding! Detected that the host's Knight job has met the conditions for a hundredfold increase. The job has become Great Knight... Paladin... Impregnable Fortress!"

    Infinite Evolution · Eastern Fantasy
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    Awakening With An Expert Identification Skill

    In the era of the awakening, every human will be able to awaken a specific gifted skill at 18 years old. However, Lin Fan realized that the Human Race was still being bullied by the other races. Lin Fan awakened one after another exponentially powerful gifted skills which shocked everyone… Lin Fan finally understood, it wasn’t that the Human Race was weak, it was just the other humans who were weak! He single-handedly quashed all of their enemies and sighed, “Seems like the human race can only depend on me..”

    Luo Qin · Magical Realism