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    Sevenfold Cosmos of Heaven and Earth "Great Works of Hebrew Mythology"

    If you seek to experience the extraordinary ancient Hebrew and Canaanite mythology beyond the familiar, well-known tales of the Bible, and wish to witness how an indigenous Chinese author deconstructs and recreates the ancient Semitic myths through translating them into a grand work of mythology and fiction, then delve deep into the words and savor their essence. My original work, Sevenfold Cosmos of Heaven and Earth,七重寰世天宇,is publishing on https://book.qidian.com/info/1037598533/#Catalog。 As a new web novel author, I had no outstanding Chinese or English translations to rely on for reference. Therefore, I had to do the translation myself, and there may be some or even more shortcomings. I hope readers can understand my predicament and appreciate my efforts. So, calm your mind and witness another layer of Hebrew mythology. Thank you for your attention, and may the divine guide you on your journey.

    hankc_james · Fantasy
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    The Young Miss Lu's Secret

    People always considered Lu Mingze's life to be the definition of the saying ' lived with a silver spoon in her mouth'. She would always ignore those people who wanted to harm her and her family unless they attacked first. She was no saint, she was a blackbelly. She would rather enjoy a trap someone set for her until she's ready to return the favor sevenfold. Qin Linhua was the heir to the Qin Empire who was hardly known by the public. One night as he was leaving the hospital, he obtained a rare gem. As he spend more time with this gem, they produced gemstones that he found he had to hide away before he was robbed. ******* Hello, this is my first book so please be lenient. Feel free to leave some comments and rate the book. The earlier chapters are a little perverted, it you want skip chapters 2 .

    Amanda_Lee · Romance
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