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    Demon Of The Seven Realms

    A story about a powerful Demon who loves cup noodles and sleep, and how she became the hero of the Seven Realms. Adria Mclane living her life as normal and happy as it can get but when she encounters a mysterious palace and learns the truth about the ancient prophecy -things start to go little haywire. Now throw in Wars, vampires, werewolves, Queens, mysterious princes and hundreds of deaths; all for one Legend. The ultimate recipe for the Demon of the Seven Realms. « I slowly stepped back, and my gaze fixed at the massive door, adrenaline rushed through me as I picked up the hem of my gown - and ran. » Ranks in Wattpad #7 out of 243 stories in Multi-genre #9 out of 394 stories in Anotherdimension #44 out of 1.2K stories in Royalblood #80 out of 5.7 stories in Firstperson

    Fallen Rose · Eastern
    Not enough ratings
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    Finding Yin and Yang

    RoyalBlood001 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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