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    DUAL ABILITY: I'm the OP God Doctor

    Yuri, Harem, maybe futa? Michael had been a normal medical college student worried about his job. The only hobby he had were playing 'Adult' games and reading novels. And then he made the mistake of signing a form he should not have and as a result, he was transported into a female villain doctor of a novel he had played. The world of Rivendell was a world where only females existed, a world of 'adult-gaming'. Now he had a job to do if he wanted to get back to his real world. So he made a resolution - To stay low and do his best to get back to his world safely. But it was easier said than done when everyone seemed to be obsessed with him, well, her instead of the male lead and it lead to situations unimaginable.

    daygon_yuuki · Fantasy
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    The Princess Of Rivendell

    bermula dari pemberontakan yang dipimpin oleh, perdana menteri seorang putri harus berjuang keras untuk merebut kembali kerajaannya dari tangan perdana menteri baca kelanjutannya dari petualangan seorang putri dan 7 pendekar

    Kisaragi_Rose · Fantasi
    Not enough ratings
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    Princess of Rivendelle

    Bangtan_Forever_0755 · Historical Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Beyond Time 0

    The protagonist of this story, Jake, discovers some unbelievable truths about his father and the town of Rivendell. As a consequence, he is caught in an unbreakable time loop.

    Sandipan_Dutta_7440 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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