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    Pokémon: A layman's journey

    Percy had an ordinary life. He wasn't born with a golden spoon, or a silver one, or any kind of spoon for that matter. In fact, he had stolen his first spoon when...Uhmm~...let's not get side tracked, shall we? So, our boy Percy was perfectly ordinary, just a side character 'b', you could say. He worked some side jobs, went to his highschool, watched anime, the works. But one day, on his way home from school, he died. Yup. He died. . . . . BUT he got another chance; a chance to reach the epitome of life, in another life(pun intended). So, will Percy take this chance and soar to the top, or will he become the part of history once again as a 'layman'? Find out more on next episode of dragon ball....Ahem~...... I mean, Read on stranger!

    PercyJackson_109 · Fantasy
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