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    Birth of the Celestial Conqueror

    The End of all is a necessity, as was the Beginning. The Four Major Realms were at war with an extremely evil god, hungry for power. The evil god had acquired a device that brought even the other gods to their knees. What power did such a device possess that caused heavenly beings to experience dread? It could strip them of their divinity and erase them from existence! The Greater Gods were silent on the matter and did nothing to stop the evil god's misdeeds. Of course, they and the evil god had an agreement. What it entailed… who knew? The affected gods are desperate, gripped by fear of the evil god. Timothy, a promising individual, was reborn as their last hope in stopping His conquest. That is, if only things were actually that simple… "Those whom the gods wish to destroy... they first call promising." ...Here was a man that loved wholeheartedly, laid down his wants, his needs, his goals, his desires, his body, his soul… his entire existence! Even ready to be used as a soul-less tool for all of eternity... but how were they planning on repaying him? This, is the Birth of the Celestial Conqueror. And now, even the Greater Gods cannot escape their fate. After all, the End of all is a necessity... as was the Beginning. -Main Tags- +WeakToStrong +Romance +Mystery +NoSmut +Supernatural +System +Evolution

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