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  • Solo Leveling(Only I Level Up)

    Tips: 나 혼자만 레벨업 Only I Level Up (Solo Leveling) - Webtoon Season 2 is start from Chapter 132 In this world where Hunters with various magical powers battle monsters from invading the defenceless humanity, Seong Jin-Woo was the weakest of all the Hunters, barely able to make a living. However, a mysterious System grants him the power of the ‘Player’, setting him on a course for an incredible and often times perilous Journey. Follow Sang Jin-Woo as he embarks on an adventure to become an unparalleled existence through his “Level-Up” system - the only one in the entire world! ------ THIS IS AN OFFICIAL LICENSED TRANSLATION FROM D&C MEDIA Copyright Owner's Information: © Chugong 2017 / D&C MEDIA

    추공 (Chugong) · Urban
  • Global Awakening: I Got A SSS-level Library System

    Ding—Congratulations on unlocking the hidden profession "Teacher". Ding—Congratulations on acquiring three SSS talents: "Divine Library": As a teacher, your being harbors a Divine Library, granting you the ability to see the unseen about individuals and objects alike, be it strengths or weaknesses. Furthermore, you have the capability to amend these shortcomings. "Get 1st student": As a teacher, you're entitled to mentor x number of apprentices (x increases as you level up), establishing a bond that allows you to monitor their loyalty. "Pass on the Torch": Your role as a teacher entails not only imparting knowledge but nurturing souls. Sharing skills or bestowing gifts upon your apprentices could lead to unexpected rewards, courtesy of a probabilistic system return. ... The world as we know it has been thrown into chaos, with the lines between game and reality blurring. Mankind has stepped into the age of career transformation. With monsters on the loose, the emergence of dungeons, hidden realms, and instances marks an era of both peril and potential. Survival dictates that humans embrace this new calling, striving for power and progression. Upon his arrival at the age of eighteen, Alex Watson is gifted with the extraordinary "Divine Library System"! Thus begins the meteoric rise of Alex Watson! He sets out to teach, to mentor, to elevate the elite, and to share his wisdom with the world.

    we11doneyuris · Fantasy
  • Level-Up Apocalypse: Surviving With The Assimilation System

    Within the virtual world of “Avalon Online”, Finn, or otherwise known as “Echo” within the game, was one of its greatest players. After logging off from a long session, however, he notices something awry outside of his apartment. The streets were flooded with chaos, screams echo through the night, and hell is loot loose. Monsters from Avalon Online are running through the streets, wrecking havoc. In the midst of this hellish awakening, Finn is greeted with the one gift bestowed to humanity in this dark hour: [...Assessing life experience…] [Assessment Complete] [Name: Finn Thorne] [Age: 20] [Designated Class: Assassin] [Starting Level: 5] [A [Legacy System] has been bestowed to you for your accomplishments within Avalon.] [Assimilation System Awakened.] In this twisted turn, as the world as it was once known is gone with the arrival of magic and monsters, the remnants of humanity must level up if they wish to survive. Finn is left in this dark, hopeless apocalypse, using his own experience from Avalon Online to best survive what seems to be an impossible task. -- Daily updates at 9 AM PST Support for bonus chapters

    DelzGB · Fantasy
  • I'm Leveling Up Too Quickly

    I’ve thought of every possible solution, tried every possible method, worked till he forgot to eat and sleep, and toiled constantly… in order to just cultivate a little slower, but the system just wouldn’t let him! Special Opportunities System: Congratulations to the host for breathing for the first time, you have received 300 level-up points. Congratulations on leveling up! Special Opportunities System: Congratulations to the host for eating for the first time, received 3000 level-up points, congratulations on leveling up! Special Opportunities System: Congratulations to the host for holding hands for the first time, received 30000 level-up points, congratulations on leveling up! … System, can you stop making me level up? In order to have fewer of your “special opportunities” I’ve been lying on the bed for the last 100 chapters. Why am I still leveling up so quickly? If I continue leveling up, my father, the emperor, would definitely kill me out of jealousy!

    Safe Sincerity · Eastern
  • Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

    Roy died in an unfortunate accident. He thought that was the end. But unfortunately for him, God didn't have a place for him in heaven, and the devil didn't want him in hell either. So he ended up in the body of a famous count's third child, who his entire family neglected. The world was exactly the same as the one in the novel he had read the day before he died. The person whose body he had come to possess had the same name as him but wasn't mentioned in the novel because he had died two years before the forces of chaos invaded the county. That meant, while Roy was alive in this new body, two years later, he would die, ripped apart & eaten by a monster. He needed strength to survive the future events, but unlike the protagonist of Stallion novels, he didn't have a golden finger! [You've gained 1 EXP] It was only after unintentionally stepping on a bee Roy realized that he possessed a golden finger! And this golden finger might be his key to becoming the strongest!

    Crimson_ink · Fantasy
  • Gravity Mage with Level-Up System

    In the age of interstellar exploration, three hundred years ago, Mage explorers from the yellow river planet took their first step towards outer space. It was a joyous event for every mage on that planet, yet unfortunately, space is dominated by other races. The Peak level Mage from the Yellow River Planet was the weakest power in existence among other outer space races. It's a cruel reality for everyone. From then on, every mage from the Yellow River Planet began to increase their power level by consuming outer space resources. Then they constantly researched, upgraded the power level system and tried to pave the way for the next generation of space explorers. Now, our MC Vincent Carey's ambition is to be the next generation of space explorers. How is he going to increase his strength and compete among other races to get resources? How is the unknown little yellow river planet going to be known and feared by others? --- To find out further, read my new novel and support it with the power stones. Current Plan- 7Chaps/ Week. Target- 200 PS/ Week - 14Chaps/Week --- Support me via: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AravindS9356 https://www.paypal.me/AravindS9356 --- Disclaimer: Fantasy and Fictional Story. Society is similar to Modern-day Earth.

    Aravind_S · Fantasy
  • Riches and Bitches: I have a gate to an isekai and leveling-up system!

    "Be better" Peter was cursed by those words, the very last words of his dying mother. Cursed to be better. To be above the small squabbles... And so, the last five years of his childhood, he spent as a target of bullying, both in school and in his adoptive, step-family. But it all changed, when a portal to another world appeared in the middle of his shed! ***** Every supergift (castle or above) = 3 bonus chapters

    MotivatedSloth · Fantasy
  • Apocalypse: God-level Zombie Synthesis System

    Ye Li was transmigrated into a zombie world and acquired a zombie synthesis system. Two level 1 zombies can be synthesized into a level 2 zombie, and the synthesized zombie is 100% loyal to its creator. The higher the level of the zombie, the more attractive its appearance. Zombies possess exclusive skills such as the Earth-Shattering Fist and the Deadly Triple Ghost Sword. Zombies also produce zombie treasure chests every day, which contain valuable items. After obtaining the super synthesis system, Ye Li began crazily synthesizing zombies in this world. With the system in hand, I reign supreme! Zombies, tremble in awe! I, Ye Li, have descended!

    Hundred Battle Green Armor · Urban
  • The Supreme Level Up System

    Our discord channel: https://discord.gg/bd9aDdEeQK A journey through space and time... a lost soul that will find the answers about the past of a world and the mysteries of an ancient war. When Adam finished his turn and then was preparing to go home after several hours of work, his team received a fire alert. He didn't expect that he would die following his father's footsteps, but fate had something else in store for him. Adam died, but he was reincarnated in another world as Aion Kresnik, with his memories intact. Still, an easy life wasn't waiting for him despite the fact that he had a system and the ability to change jobs and make a spiritual weapon change to many forms. The reason for that was the fact that he was the son of a war hero and, at the same time, the son of a war prisoner and one of the last members of a powerful bloodline of mages. A bloodline that was hated by the whole world. Aion's goals in that world were simple, get rid of the discrimination surrounding his mother and then find out why he was reborn with such a system since he knew that things couldn't be that convenient... Our discord: https://discord.gg/bd9aDdEeQK

    ExSoldierLv99 · Fantasy
  • Leveling Up Wives In The Apocalypse

    Mathew survived the entire two weeks of the apocalypse. A great score for someone blessed with brains over the brawn. Yet, even he fell after just fourteen days, giving his all to save the one person he cared for. But why does a death looks like watching himself from the third person perspective? Is this the purgatory to watch over his own shoulders at the mistakes he made? A punishment for Mathew's sins to repeat those mistakes over and over again? But wait, what are the three clocks in the corner of his vision, one of which only five minutes away from ticking out? And most of it all, why does the school looks like it did just a moment before the apocalypse began? ********** Discord link: https://discord.gg/PNGgcMr **********

    MotivatedSloth · Fantasy
  • The Goblin's Leveling System!

    [Silver Tier Winner WPC #156 Male Lead- Goblins] [Hiatus] "Being a goblin isn't so bad. After all, I have a system for leveling!", Axel Everheart Axel Everheart is a top student at a famous high school with good looks and he is someone who has it all. Due to his ignorance, he slips on a banana peel on the street. He hit his head and well... he died! After his unfortunate death, he reincarnated as the fantasy world's ugliest and weakest mob, a goblin to be precise. Unwilling to accept his fate, he aims to become the strongest goblin and find a way to become a human again. With the help of his system, will he achieve his goal? _______________________________________ Volume 1- What Will You Do If You Are Reincarnated With A Leveling System? Level Up, Obtain Skills And Stats! Volume 2- Preparation Is Complete! The Adventure Starts Now! _______________________________________ Cover Edited By: imagineTishaD Instagram: @imaginetishad _______________________________________ Written by: ShadowKatake Instagram: @katakekage _______________________________________ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/N7mP7v9S5w You can talk to me about anything about my novel whether you want to give me suggestions or want to know more about the novel. I can also chat with you there for fun as long as I'm online.

    ShadowKatake · Fantasy
  • While Others Cultivate, I Use My Unique RPG Leveling System to Cultivate Smut Romance With Their Girlfriends!

    Did I reincarnate? Or was I transported to an Isekai cultivation world? To be honest, I have no clue! What matters is that I turned from being useless, bullied, and trash, to fully-fledged garbage in my new cultivation world! But what is this strange bleep that keeps ringing in my ears? Is this some kind of system? Oh God! Did you gift me such a cliché, right at the start of my journey? Wait, why are you trying to kill me? Did I do something to you? Stand back or I will be forced to use unstoppable Exhudia! Tell me, what did she do for you to treat your significant other in this way? Let me show you how girlfriends should be taken care of! Wait, everyone was always telling me that demons are bad, so why is this demonic queen trying to seduce me? Wait! KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM MY PRECIOUS SWORD! I just came back from a mission and was promised at least a half a year of break. Why are you bothering me again with something as silly as subjugating a devil general? ********************** Discord link: https://discord.gg/pJTVGZZ ********************* DISCLAIMER: I do not own the cover. It was made with the help of fellow author(ess?) with the usage of possibly copyrighted images. If you own the rights to any part of the cover and want me to take it down, please, inform me on my discord or comment.

    MotivatedSloth · Eastern
  • Levelling by the Sidelines

    Being one of the few hunters at the top, the S-ranked Marksman Hunter "Ace" had it all. A strong sense of combat, wealth, fame, and a bright future ahead of him. Yet, despite it all, he felt nothing at all to his feats. He was just content with his life, not wanting anything else. Having risen to unimaginable heights through battling many gates over the years, his glory was renowned throughout the world and was said to be one of the few hunters that would pave the path to a brighter future for their generation. Yet, that was all thrown out of the window. Almost a decade after The Great Awakening which shook the entirety of Terra, the Hunter "Ace" stood before many people as he announced something that no one could've ever imagined. "Today, I will be announcing my retirement." Yes. That day marked the end of one Hunter's journey. Though, it was not out of his own free will. [ Hunter "Jace"—class change will now begin. ] It was all because of a fateful notification he had received. [ You are now classified as a Synergist. ] —————————————————————————— Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FdH8CET I do not own the cover art. Lettering: Hesreth

    Tamaki_Leon · Urban
  • The World seems Realistic but Why do I have a Leveling System?

    Sheila is an average girl who likes to play video games and watch animes in her free time. If there’s anything that stood out from her, that would be her beautiful appearance. Due to spending too much time playing video games till late at night, she would usually forget to do her homework which she would, later on, asked her best friend, Ria, for help. A total average gamer-otaku girl. Like any other day, Sheila was walking her way to school when suddenly the phone in her pocket vibrates. She pulled it out of her pocket to check with the expectation of seeing a new message, but the result was something that would change her entire life completely upside down. Leveling System, it was a mysterious app which suddenly appeared inside her phone. By using it, she could level up like the character in the game and become stronger. But what would an average girl do by becoming stronger? Not expecting to fight anything absurd in her daily life, Sheila slowly adapts to her new life of leveling up inside an instant dungeon. But out of nowhere, A goblin appeared in front of her somewhere in the alleyways. Where did it come from? Not knowing anything, Sheila ended up killing it. That night, She woke up to a nightmare where the world turned chaotic as monsters run rampage everywhere, it was a world where a weak human life was nothing but garbage, a world where strong prey the weak. She believes it was a premonition of what her future would be if she does nothing. Will she stand up and take responsibly to fight for others? Or would she be selfish and only fight for her loved ones? The fate of the entire world is on her hand. Her decision will decide the outcome of everything. *** Important note: English is not my first language, so do expect to see a grammatic error and if you're such a kind and big heart person and would willing to help, feel free do so as I appreciated any sort of support. I'm also a new author who only wrote the story because purely for my own pleasure. Be warn though as the story progress and development is very slow. I started writing this story out of spit of not having anything interesting to read, do expect some cliche since this author likes it. *** [UPDATED!]The characters design followed by tiny bits information(Be warn as it would be a spoiler to the new readers!): http://imgur.com/gallery/twsIaJe If you like the story, please give some power stone, any will be appreciated! Credit to the artist, I just simply edit to fit the book cover; https://picrew.me/image_maker/234517 *** Discord: https://discord.gg/2JMqZ3e Support me: Send me a cup of coffee: Ko-fi/minxmean Patreon: patreon.com/NEETGuy

    MinxMean · Fantasy
  • Blood demon leveling

    Join Mike as he is thrown into an unfamiliar world where the strong rule the weak, where your level decides your living status, and where the value of life is lower than money Authors Discord: https://discord.gg/uHVhX9m

    zad1333 · Fantasy
  • Leveling Up With My Pet

    Step into the extraordinary world of Liu Yong, where transmigration and leveling up collide unexpectedly. Imagine waking up one day to find yourself in someone else's body but with a remarkable companion. Liu Yong's mutant snapping turtle possesses the power to level up its features, unlocking incredible abilities that enhance Liu Yong's life beyond measure. With each level up, Liu Yong's bond with his magical pet grows more assertive, and their combined power becomes unstoppable. But it's not just about personal growth - Liu Yong's newfound abilities also open up possibilities for his business ventures. With the help of his pet, he could expand his enterprise and amass a fortune beyond his wildest dreams. So, what would you do if you found yourself in Liu Yong's shoes? How would you use a leveling-up pet's power to transform your existence? The possibilities are endless, and the journey is yours to embark upon. Are you ready to discover what lies beyond the boundaries of your imagination?

    Akiii365 · Fantasy
  • Final System: Level Up or Die.

    (Read below for current promotion goal!) “A system for one, a system for all, a system for those in need of a call!” In a world where children are blessed with a single system from the Elder Tree when they reach the Age of Wisdom, humanity has become dependent on these gifts to go about their daily lives. Everything from cooking to combat - there seemed to be no end to the capability the systems offered them. That is until one day the Elder Tree withered up and stopped giving out systems. This gave way to an incurable plague due to the lack of a system and now children were dying in mass numbers before they even reached 15 years old. Zero was one of these kids. As he lay alone on his deathbed, he heard a voice call out to him - a voice that offered one last chance to make a difference and stop all of the madness. All he had to do was win a high stakes game known as ‘Final System’ in a completely different world! The only catch? He would have to fight his way through a score of strong opponents who also wanted the same limitless power for their own means. A deadly survival game of systems and bloodshed - can Zero make it to the end and claim the ultimate system to save humanity? Or will he be hunted down and torn apart instead? Let the games begin! ============ June 2024 Golden Ticket Promotion! For every golden ticket that is submitted, your name will be entered into a draw. 1 ticket = 1 entry, so 5 tickets = 5 entries! At the end of the month, I will randomly draw a name to be declared the winner. I will reach out to that person via discord as well as create an announcement for it so you are aware; then we will work together to create a player of your liking that will appear in the story as either a temporary ally or enemy!! Looking forward to this contest! :D This is my WSA entry! If you're enjoying this series, please upvote with your golden tickets and powerstones to help it get to the top of the rankings :D

    Kenji_Tezuka · Fantasy
  • Naruto stat leveling system

    Tatsumi Uzumaki was tranmigrated as a member of the Uzumaki clan.How will he survive his clans impending doom will he run away and abandon his clan or will he he lead his clan to overcome all its adversaries.

    nexusstar21 · Action
  • Harem God: Leveling Up Yanderes in the Apocalypse

    In 2077, the gods sent potential successors across the cosmos to Earth for the God Trial. The result: the apocalypse and the rise of history’s most unlikely Harem God candidate. Leon Traxler was a sociopath with a phobia of using women for sexual desires. Yet he chose the power to build an overpowered harem because finding strong, loyal companions during the apocalypse was unlikely. It was a calculated decision, but he got something he hadn’t bargained for. Emotions. With a power that leveled him up through emotional milestones and a system that made him feel them for members, he quickly amassed power and decided that the apocalypse was a blast. Driven by a desire to make his violent yanderes happy, a love for animal ears on women, and a narcissistic wet dream to be the only man on earth, he decided to partake in the God Trial. His strategy? To raise an army of women, build a city for his harem, and start a cultured civilization that would naturally end when he died. Join Leon as he becomes a celebrity on god social media, rises to power on earth, and lives life as a playboy in the apocalypse. —Story Notes— - If you like the story, check out my new story, My Yandere Harem, for ultimate yandere destruction. - Leon's technically a psychopath, hiding his lack of emotions behind a false, normal image. He's ruthless to men. - His phobia is the driving factor that makes women comfortable joining his city. Think about it. - The story starts delightfully chaotic but quickly matures into a real story. - There's strong character development before it's lemon picking season. No one-dimensional women. - There will be lemons. Truckloads.

    Margrave · Fantasy
  • Leveling System in Naruto

    This novel is about a weak and sick boy who is selected by the Universe Consciousness to get reincarnated in the Naruto World with a System and some perks. ----------------------------------- It's my first webnovel so feel free to contact me if there is a mistake so that I can improve the quality of the Novel. This contains no Harem or R-18 scenes as I am not interested in those. I hope you guys enjoy it.

    Daddy2604 · Fantasy
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