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  • Crashing into an Old Flame

    "What if I say it's too risky?" she asked. "Then I will respond with—you are worth every risk," he smiled. ... With a troubled past and financial issues, Maxim Warner never had it easy. Coming a long way from a small town, he never stopped despite the hurdles thrown his way. Charming and aloof, now the hotshot neurosurgeon has no use for emotions and even less use for love. However, things get twisted when he takes a familiar blonde as his tenant despite the jarring red flags in his mind. She is the same woman who once held his heart within her grasp. But she crushed it back then and he would be damned if he let her do it again. He would be a good friend to her. Nothing more. End of the story. Diana Chen, an American-Chinese heiress finds her life flipping upside down when she holds an infant in her arms. A tiny life that she is supposed to protect now but it comes at the expense of everything she has. Nevertheless, on the worst day of her life, she moves to another country and decides to start a new life. And probably it is a good sign that her new house owner is a familiar face. "Oh my god, Warner, I almost didn't recognize you!" She ruffled his hair but unlike how he used to laugh or blush in the past, he did not react and the atmosphere suddenly felt strained. Let her take it back. The new house owner being a familiar face is making things awkward because the broody neurosurgeon might not be the beautiful boy with haunted dark eyes she used to know once. He is a man now... mysterious and stunning with eyes that strangely smolder her. And she is beginning to feel things that she should not feel for him. God, is it too late to find rent somewhere else? Maxim has yet to get over what the young Diana did to him while Diana has a baby to raise in her penniless state. Amidst this, the last thing they want is to look at each other across the dining table like the world lacks oxygen and their mouths are the only strategy for survival. When the thin string of patience snapped, she made a proposal, "Take all my firsts," As he looked at her in stunned silence, she continued, "I want you to take all my firsts. If you can't, then I can go find someone who will—" her words were lodged back in her throat by his consequent actions. _ When the mysteries from the past unveil themselves gradually, will the two be able to get over their differences and own up to their feelings? Or will it be the final 'The End' for them this time?

    Auroraaa · Urban
  • Real Rich Daughter's Path Of Counterattack

    Xie Chaochao was originally the daughter of a wealthy family who was supposed to grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Yet, her good fortune ended when she met her evil stepmother. When she was less than a year old, she was thrown into a ravine by her vicious stepmother and left to fend for herself! However, a newly released murderer picked her up and brought her home. From then on, the two of them depended on each other for survival. Xie Chaochao grew up among the animals. Tigers and snakes were all her friends. In the eyes of outsiders, Xie Chaochao and her adoptive father, Xie Zhou, were a pair of weirdos. Everyone in the village avoided them. Xie Chaochao, who did not know her background, grew up without any worries. When she was five years old, she met a rich and knowledgeable old man and learned a lot from him. Even her adoptive father who was once a murderer became a business magnate. Xie Chaochao had become a true rich daughter, but it was at this time that Xie Chaochao's family came knocking on her door. When Xie Chaochao learned of the truth behind her mother's death, she decided to return home and avenge her mother. Afraid that the cat would be out of the bag, her evil stepmother tried to kill Xie Chaochao several times. However, Xie Chaochao was no longer the baby at her stepmother's mercy like she once was. She had Xie Zhou, her adoptive father who doted on her, and her military advisor grandfather with her this time! There was even a mysterious man who always helped her when she was in trouble… Persona: Xie Chaochao: Optimistic, kind, and smart Gu Pei: A mysterious man who was mesmerized by Xie Chaochao's ray of innocence

    uf9ldE · General
  • Beginning Of Multiverse Saga

    What happened, when the super guy lost his powers. And to recover back his powers he needs to play the simulation game. But he is also kick out of his Universe, because his powers were not able to adjust it. So then, he will start his Multiverse Journey and his simulation journey. Both going to be amazing, just read and you will found it.

    Sharky_Monster · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
  • I Gained Skills in Real Life

    Tom Alford's life takes an unexpected turn when, after a lively college party, he finds himself confronted by a surreal, game-like system which grant him skills by finishing a quest. With skills like Appraisal and Body Modification, Tom finished strange quests that reveal surprising truths about his collegemates and challenge his perceptions. From uncovering hidden personalities to transforming his appearance, Tom's journey is filled with humor, unexpected twists, and thrilling adventures. ** You guys know me. Join a fun adventure. Discord: https://discord.gg/4E4qgYrCrZ

    MarudameOssan · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Reincarnation Of The Old Shaman

    During this time she had always been a great shaman who was invincible. One day, a young man attacks her, but when she casts magic on that foreign youth, her magic doesn't work at all. As a result, Lian Sheng lost badly! She lay dying on the ground with her body covered in blood. Footsteps could be heard getting closer to her, it seemed like it was the foreign youth! "You are very old, Granny. I think you have had enough fun with all the crimes you have committed. Now is the time to go to hell!" After that, there was the sound of a sword slashing through Lian Sheng's chest. In that instant, Lian Sheng fainted and everything went black. When she opened her eyes, Lian Sheng was now Shao Feng. Shao Feng is a teenage girl who is bullied at school because she is poor and not good at academics, also … she is a weak girl. She couldn't stand the people at his school who bullied her, as well as her father who drank and gambled, making Shao Feng's life very difficult. It made her decide to commit suicide, but now … Lian Sheng was in her body. Now, she is young again. "Lian Sheng, your cultivation magic allowed you to be reincarnated into this girl's body. Use the system well so that you can surpass your limits." Yes, that's exactly right. Lian Sheng had to adapt to modern life and reactivate her cultivation and system. And one thing too ... her magic power had to return, no matter what modern world she was in.

    Nizaaah · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • My Real-life Dating Sim Game

    This book is a sequel to "Mr CEO, Move On!" To read this book, you have to read the first book to understand many things ______ Lai Jiayi, someone with a fear of man has to play a real-life dating sim game to save her dad's life, but her capture target is someone who still can't forget his deceased lover?! Lai Jiayi has definitely made progress with the capture target, Zhao Yang, but the other remaining players won't just let her be… More and more difficult missions appear, the game updated frequently, bringing a new and challenging setting to the players. The difficulty level is doubled! Can Lai Jiayi win the CEO's heart and win the game? 101 days countdown!

    Zehell2218 · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • I Can Receive Real-life Rewards from the Game

    Chu Yang bought a phone in the second-hand market that had a lot of games installed in it. However, when he played the game, he was surprised to learn that the games would reward him in real life. [Ding! You’ve won a game of contract bridge. 10,000 received. Please check your bank account.] [Ding! You’ve won 100 games of contract bridge. Limited edition Ferrari supercar received. Please check your garage.] [Ding! You’ve won 1,000 games of contract bridge. 3 million worth of mansion received. Please check your desk for the property ownership certificate and keys.] [Ding! You’ve unlocked Texas poker and have reached level 10. Oversea island received.] From that day onwards, Chu Yang enjoyed a luxurious life while playing games on his phone.

    Little Boat · Urban
  • The Multiverse System

    [WELCOME TO THE MULTIVERSE SYSTEM.] [USER NAME: THOMAS NOLAND]…. What if, every time you made a significant decision, a new, alternate reality or universe was created—the life that would have occurred had you made the other choice? What if those realities/universes were jeopardized? What if it's up to you to keep those realities/universes alive? Thomas Noland, also known as Tom, is a typical fifteen-year-old boy until a strange letter arrives in his mailbox. The letter, postmarked from Alsace and cryptically signed with the initials "M.S," informs Tom that dangerous—perhaps even lethal—events have been set in motion, which may result in the destruction of reality/universe itself. M.S. promises to send Tom 12 riddles that will reveal something extraordinary that will happen on a specific day, time, and location. Will Tom have the courage to partake in this wild goose chase? Will he be able to solve those riddles? What choice will he make? Quit? or Solve?   Another volume of the intriguing children's and young adult fantasy series, THE MULTIVERSE SYSTEM, is filled with adventures, riddles, and um—danger too. What do you think about this universe and realities? Tom was warned that a dangerous event was coming his way. Will you join Tom on this wonderful journey through the multiverse system? What would be your choice?    

    Jeremiah_Olisa · Fantasy
  • Ruler Of Beast Multiverse

    This Is The Story Of A Mysterious Child, who was raised by the Elves. He goes on adventure of finding his origin. He wants to know, who is his mother and father, but is this simple. With each steps, he conquered cities, countries, empires, Planets, Universes, even the Beast Multiverse was not further apart from his rule. But unknown to him, his mother and father were not in the Beast Multiverse, for this he needs to crossed over the Multiverses. Are you ready to read this Mythical journey.

    Sharky_Monster · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Card Master of the Multiverse (old)

    A reincarnater with amnesia of his past reborn as a baby in the world of High School of the dead and other crossover worlds. He gain the ability to use [Card Magic] and it's the ability to create any spells he imagines, but uses his magic as the source. If he doesn't have the amount of magic, he can't use it. ------------ -Netori -Hentai

    Creepy_Ewok_kills · Action
    Not enough ratings
  • Old Man Dragon

    An old man dies peacefully, surrounded by friends and family. Expecting to reunite with his loved ones in heaven, he is surprised to find himself born in a new world as a dragon. What is a man who achieved contentment in his former life supposed to do with a new one? Guess he will have to live to find out...

    Redwinter · Fantasy
  • Laws of the Multiverse

    Salem Argenti was an incredibly intelligent boy. Up until he was murdered. After he died, he awoke in a parallel universe of unending opportunity, and unending danger as well... Note: Chapters are published as often as I can manage, but will always be published at 12:00 P M. PST. Check out Faultline and Soul Reaper, both of which occur at the same time.

    Fernein · Fantasy
  • Excursion Of The Multiverse

    First Time Writing A Story So Constructive Criticism Is Welcomed ------------------------------------------------------------- Worlds He Will Go To: Fear and Hunger Danganronpa Initial d My Hero Academia Naruto One Piece Bleach Persona 5 Royal Stardew Valley Demon Slayer Cyberpunk 2077 + Cyberpunk: Egderunners Skyrim Undertale/Underverse HxH SCP G.O.W 2018 + The new God of War game Elden Ring Subnautica Dark souls The Forest Far cry Bioshock Fallout: New Vegas + Fallout 4 Project: Zomboid Minecraft Monster hunter Neon genesis evangelion I'm a spider, So what Tensura or That time I got reincarnated as a slime Hallow Knight The Witcher 3 GTA Yakuza 0 Toyko ghoul Toyko revengers Parry Jackson(know jackshit about this) NFS: Unbound Adventure time(Got inspired) Marvel A second life rankers return Record of Ragnarok Over Geared Jujutsu kaisen Took Some Inspiration From Grandpa Universe, Great Story Check It Out If You Haven't Already I Won't Drop This Adding More If I Feel Like It Updating When I want to (art is not mine) Holy shit that's a lot of fandoms that I'll will have to write

    traveling_shadow · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Leveling Up In Real Life

    *BAM!!!* After getting defeated in a rank match of a MOBA game, a fat and ugly loser got annoyed and slammed the desk. She made a loud fuss after losing the game and kept cussing about it. Getting trash talk by other teammates didn't bode well for the basement dweller. Her name was Mercedes Reed, a loser and a disappointment. Locking herself in her room for two years, rarely ever going out of it. She also strained the relationship between herself and her family. Mercedes was an unpleasant overweight NEET with no life outside of playing online games. Meaning she hadn't touched grass for months. However, it all changed when she skimmed through a particular website with a robot icon and discovered a scam post on its page. It was a post about a second chance in life, which Mercedes conspicuously mocked. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, she was wrong. It was real. *Ding!* [Congratulations! You have been chosen as the host of the Advance Ergonomic Genetic Intelligence System, AEGIS for short.]

    Savant_Paragon · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • The Strongest Old Man

    Rayleigh an old man with a violent past now leads a quiet life. But when he hears that his family and home were destroyed, losing him his only grandson, He returns to the world with only a single purpose. Vengeance.

    In10nse · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Peerless Hegemon (Old)

    He traversed two paths in total and left them with an empty heart. He traversed the third path and felt a void in his soul. He let others imprisoned him so he could seek answers and then recreate the Universe. The Answer was found, yet he was left unsatisfied. Led by the Beast that watched the Universe till its destruction. In the new life he created, he began walking a path of blood. He choked a Prince with one hand and beheaded a King with the other. He killed a General ten kilometers away with an arrow and even dragged a Continent in order to get what he wants. Yet beyond the never-ending blood and gore, the core of his heart blossomed as he found himself a reason to live other than glory. Under the bleak life of chaos, a flower can still bloom with the help of blood. And instead of Emptiness, he turned back to look back at the path he had walked and smiled as blood coated his lips. This is him, trying to find a place where he can gain humanity. == This story focuses on the world and the characters; there would be genocide, fights, and some bloody encounters. This is not Harem, sorry for Harem lovers, but that’s just how it is. The art for the cover isn’t mine. The credits go to its original creator. I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

    Simple_Dynasty · Eastern
    Not enough ratings
  • Real-life Gamer System

    Living in our time a 18 years old boy awakens the Gamer System and along with it the system shop. With this he now has the power to do pretty much anything, maybe even become a God. But there is a problem and that is that the only way to become stronger and level up he needs to kill real living beings. So what will our protagonist do. How far is he willing to go to gain power?

    Happyman42 · Games
    Not enough ratings