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    Re: World Cataclysm

    Did you ever question yourself, is there such thing as God? Does the concept of "afterlife" really exist? Many scientists argued that God does not exist - If you ask me, science does not always prove stuff, especially topics related to philosophy. The main character of this story is an extremely arrogant youth who decides to hide his true capabilities. No one knows what he is capable of; not his parents, not his teachers, not even what you would call "friends". But can he really keep up with this attitude? Especially, right after a global-scale disaster that affected everyone. When I say everyone...I actually mean it. This story is about the main character whose peaceful life was interrupted by meteors. Yes, meteors. We will see him mitigate the dangers of this apocalypse along with his family and companions who he will meet later. What will he do? Will he still cocoon himself by his excess amount of pride? Or will he begin to change after meeting new people and going through many life and death situations with them?

    _Kumagawa_ · Sci-fi
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