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  • Naruto: Blind Hyuga

    He was a transmigrant from Earth and was born in the Hyuga branch family. To avoid being controlled by anyone, he willingly became blind. But with his blindness came his cheat that is template of Fujitora from One Piece. Patreon Link:https://www.p@treon.com/Hkj822 Discord: https://discord.gg/3bVuQxhY

    Hkj · Anime & Comics
  • Naruto : Hinata Hyuga

    A soul from Earth reincarnated into the Narutoverse as Hinata Hyuga. Let's see how she manipulates the Hyuga clan, her father, her brother, and her sister. She will corrupt Naruto from a very young age and mold him into the perfect man for herself. There will be no Hokage bullsh*t, no loudmouth. What to expect: Smart MC Powerful MC Manipulation Mind-breaking Romance Grooming Flashy jutsu Slightly arrogant MC Not too evil, not too good Training sessions Powerful from a young age Good R18 scenes (please be mindful of content) No NTR (No Netorare) Slightly slow-paced story Some dark stuff That's it. English is not my first language, so please don't kill me for any grammar mistakes. I will try to upload 3-4 chapters per week."

    Devils_hand · Anime & Comics
  • Reborn into Hyuga

    Franz was one of the leading geneticists of his country. During his long work with the government, he has done many unforgivable things. Unfortunately, when the work and dream of his whole life were nearing completion, news of his atrocities leaked to the masses. The government, fearing an angry crowd, turned all the arrows on Franz, and the almost killed him altogether. Being in a desperate situation, he applies the decision to inject himself with an unfinished mutagen, after which he loses consciousness. Author. Just one of the ideas in my head. I can't say anything about the new chapters, if there is time and activity, I will definitely write more. I've only watched anime and if I make a mistake somewhere, please point out the mistake. This is a translator, so there are errors. You can also read my original work "The Path of Omniscience"

    lonhet · Anime & Comics
  • Magneto of Hyuga

    [Byakugan] + [Electromagnetic Force] + [Bow and Arrow] + [Science] Starting as a Hyuga and awakening the electromagnetic force! What kind of changes will occur when the sun is paired with electromagnetic force? Hyuga Satoru said, what is Gentle Fist? You haven’t even learn it! Aren’t electromagnetic guns fragrant? What? Hyuga doesn’t have a ranged attack? My bow and arrow are paired with the electromagnetic force, within the range of byakugan, where to shoot, the magnetic storm is here! What? Can’t Hyuga drive Gundam? Hyuga Satoru snapped his fingers. Electromagnetic force, move! Completely in the middle of Susano’s body, Madara Uchiha looked up at the metal Gundam hundreds of meters high in front of him and fell into contemplation. 2 to 4 chapters per day. My first language isn't english so please bear with me, I'm doing my best. I'm translating this with Chat GPT, then I edit the chapters, mainly the names and things that doesn't makes sense. Raw link : https://m-xpiaotian-com.translate.goog/book/416523/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=in&_x_tr_hl=id I'm translating two others chinese fanfics, so go check them out if you have nothing else to read : My Pokemon Trainer Simulator, In Kuroko no Basket as Shōgo Haizaki

    Ethanma · Anime & Comics
  • Hinoka Hyuga

    I found myself reborn in Naruto as Hinoka Hyuga, the older non-identical twin sister of Hinata Hyuga. --------- So it has a a lot of plot holes... So read at your own risk but I'll try to improve! So if you have anything you have to say on how I can improve it, then please let me know! (having a writers block so may not update for a while).

    Nen_pin · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Naruto : Neji Hyuga revolution

    A Naruto fan is reincarnated as Neji Hyuga. Distressed by his situation as a vassal, he will try by all means to free himself from the cursed seal. No system No Tenseigan The powers will be according to my imagination.

    Sr_Angel · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • A Transmigrator's Story in the Hyuga's Main Branch

    In this story, a regular guy from our world wakes up as a young Main Branch heir of the powerful Hyuga clan in the Naruto world. He's primarily interested in getting more power and doesn't care about right or wrong. He uses his knowledge from Earth and the Naruto show to get ahead, using his creativity & intellect to the utmost. As he tries to become more powerful, we get to see sides of the Hyuga clan and ninja world that weren't shown in the original Naruto story. He looks into the secrets of his ancestors and the Hyuga's eyes, and how ninja politics work, finding out things we never knew before & were left unexplored by the original author. However, gradually, along the way, he also meets new lovers, friends, subordinates, and enemies and challenges the way things are done in the ninja world - and also tries to unify it in the process and bring real peace around. . . . . . . . . The Patreon link with up to 60 advanced chapters there -----> patreon.com/hanma_jack . . . . . . . . * Amoral and power-oriented MC. Four female leads, two of them are full OC, but logical for the story & interesting. Read tags carefully. * Chapters may contain some parts where my own written words and existing structure are edited by AI to improve it slightly in quality. * The story will definitely deviate from the original plot and events mainly due to the Butterfly Effect. Timeline around WW3, Kakashi's, Guy's, Asuma's, etc, generation. * More fleshed-out, complete, logical, and realistic (dark) version of the Naruto world. So, slightly AU fundamentally at my discretion. High-quality English and writing.

    Hanma_Jack · Anime & Comics
  • Renegade Hyuga

    "This kind of village, this kind of family, and even this kind of world, it is up to me to make changes." This is a story where one renegade Hyuga might become the enemy of the entire world. "Five Great Ninja Villages, I am not targeting anyone, but for the sake of peace in the Ninja world, you just happened to be in my way." "For the sake of peace in the ninja world, I hope the ninja world can sacrifice itself. Are you willing?" (DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A TRANSLATION WORK) (DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN NARUTO)

    Ur_Mom_Gay · Anime & Comics
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  • The Hyuga Gamer

    A young man sent to the Reincarnation center chooses his next life——————————————————————————————————————————— Oh and I don’t own Hinata or any Naruto related stuff other than my own ideas so pls don’t try to sue me also I don’t own the picture either I found it free online if you want me to take it down I definitely will

    Trash1326 · Anime & Comics
  • In Kumogakure after adopting Hinata Hyuga.

    Hachiro transmigrated into the world of Shinobi, better known as Naruto. He's reborn in the Raiden clan located in Kumogakure as the cousin of the Fourth Raikage. As the 'darkness' of Konoha fights each itself, he cheers on as the Third Hokage and Danzo, slowly kill Konoha from the inside out. Making use of his Lightning God system, he makes a name for himself in the Third Ninja War, and is gradually acknowledged as the ninja with the strongest lightning style! After snatching Hinata Hyuga, he adopts her as his daughter and proudly shows her off to the rest of the world. _____________________ I ended up sticking to the MTL quite heavily for the first 20 chapters, it's harder to actually tell it's a translation after that. This is an edited version of machine translation, just making it clear. MTL- https://mtlnation.com/novel/im-in-cloud-shinobi-village-grab-hyuga-hinata-at-the-start/ ps: I don't think I will edit past the Naruto arc (Chapter 200 or so), but I'll try to post two chapters a day.

    Crystal_Cat · Anime & Comics
  • Genius Hyuga Twins [Finished]

    Short summary: Reborn as Neji Hyuga's twin sister. Full summary: A woman from the normal Earth realm suffers a death at the hands of a car accident. This, however, is not where her story ends, it is only the beginning. Upon meeting Death, she learns that her soul is incomplete, fractured, and cannot move on as it is. Death takes an intrigue in the woman, and does something they have never done before, and sends the woman's soul on a journey. Her soul must learn lessons in order to revitalize itself, and become whole. In order to do this, Death has crafted a realm for her, something familiar and yet entirely different. Death sends her on her journey, giving her a hint that she must learn the lesson of Friendship.

    G3t_Supi3D · Anime & Comics
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  • Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system

    After his death, a Naruto fan receives a system from God to help him in his next life. Now reborn in Naruto World as Neji Hyuga, with a system and the knowledge of the future will he be able to change his fate?

    Tensei_Rigan · Others
  • Hyuga In Boruto

    Ace reincarnated as a Hyuga in Boruto.

    Naruto_FanFic · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Naruto: Revolución Hyuga

    Un fan de Naruto se reencarna en Neji Hyuga, angustiado por su situación de vasallo tratara por todos los medios librarse del sello de maldicion. No sistema No tensengan Los poderes serán a mi imaginación

    Sr_Angel · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Hyuga Heir

    What if Hinata had an older brother. The Prince Byakugan.

    lucas_zambrone · Anime & Comics
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  • The Strongest Hyuga

    first time doing this, probably bad.

    LilRaven · Anime & Comics
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  • Naruto: Hyuga Simulation

    Dive into the mesmerizing universe of Naruto, where the ordinary life of high school student Ben takes an extraordinary turn as he's mysteriously transported into this captivating realm. Armed with an enigmatic simulator system, Ben's insatiable curiosity propels him into an enthralling odyssey, adopting the guise of Hyuga Ren. Brace yourself for an exhilarating expedition as he navigates a realm brimming with secrets, embarking on a journey that intertwines fate, adventure, and a dash of enigma.

    Im_shy · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan

    The trembling Hyuga Kuroto finally got the treasure that he dreamed of! How exactly will the world of Naruto be perceived with his glowing Royal Blue Tenseigan .............................................................................. Disclaimer: This is just a translated version of the Chinese Web Novel! ........................................................................................... For more chapters support me on Patreon! Patreon: p atreon.com/Milta_translations

    Alex_Clive · Anime & Comics