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    GOLDIE Is Not Normal

    #COMEDY #FANTASY #HIGHSCHOOLROMANCE Teenage high schooler, Goldie Markell is a bright, perfect, angelic teenage girl, born without a belly button! That's right. No belly button, no depression even... her belly is smooth as an eggplant! And even though her parents say she is perfectly normal, she knows well that she is definitely not normal. Because... No normal human, in fact, no other existing human was born without a belly button. And so, Goldie is convinced that if people ever found out about her not having one, they would call her... a freak. And they would probably expunge her from society… or do something much worse... "Light the torches! Raise the pitchforks! Kill the witch!"... That sounds about right. Yup.  This is why all her life, Goldie has worked conscious of the fact that she has no belly button, and ensured that she kept it a deep, dark secret. Hidden away from the world. And as it seems, the gods are with her because everything is going great for her. That is, until she hits puberty and suddenly, she starts growing wings! ... Okay, hold on. As if coming into puberty late was not bad enough, Goldie finds that she is all of a sudden growing wings like a freaking animal! Why was she growing wings?... Wings of all things! How do you hide something so big? Why was puberty so different for her? How was any of this 'normal'? These questions lead Goldie to answers she could never predict, as she finds that not being 'normal' is only the beginning of the many tragic escapades of her highly eventful life... Because, poor Goldie finds that not only is she not normal, she is barely even human! So… what is she? What is her true identity? And how can she continue to fake a 'normal human life' as a regular teenage high school girl whilst keeping hidden her secret identity as whatever unknown creature she is?... ...especially when her strange, unusual process of maturity into adulthood comes with the strangest, most spontaneous, most difficult to hide, and most disaster-prone physical symptoms? How is it possible that she would not soon be discovered by her friends, her schoolmates, her oh-so-handsome and observant crush, who somehow always happens to be there when the weirdest things happen, ...and the ever-watchful eyes of the government? Let's pray for Goldie, shall we? ____ Book cover Art Credit: weheartit.com

    SpilledInk · Fantasy Romance
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