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    Born to be Queen

    A Filipina name Angela was obsessed with this story entitled ‘The Manly Girl’ but after she read the end part of the story she died in her sleep and reincarnated as the princess of the story. The princess name is Nylea the daughter of the previous Emperor who was killed by own his little brother, the uncle of Nylea. Nylea’s character was a sweet and kind girl. She was so loved by her parents especially by the Emperor because she is the only daughter of the Emperor. In the story Nylea died after she jump on the cliff. After her parents died her uncle took her in saying He would be her guardian. After that she was being molested by her Uncle and her cousin. Angela being reincarnated as the princess she decided to avenge Nylea’s death and take back what she deserves. Thus, she learned how wild any weapon with the help of the woman who save her. The well-known blacksmith of the Kingdom and also the former Dame, Dame Gwain. And to succeed her plan she needs to enter the noble’s affairs and so she disguised herself and became a maid of the household of Dormer. It was the household of the male lead of the story.

    Maarin · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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