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    A woman wished for a life with some excitement in it, the gods she proposed her wish to agreed, but what excitement does she want? Well obviously a pervert like her wouldn't tell another soul... She would have sex with it. -------- !Small Rant!----- This is just a story I wrote for myself, by myself because I couldn't stop thinking about it, I'm writing it for my own personal joy but If you want to go through it with me then lets go, also I will be writing and updating whenever I want since Ideas like this so not come often. ⚠️Synopsis was written like so because I couldn't describe it well ⚠️ ----------- ¡!Warnings¡! ----------- ⚠️ None that I can think of atm but you might want to beware of: -Strong language -Gore -Sexual Content -Probable incest (maybe) -Non-human and/or Non-humanoid Sexual Relationships

    FumiXi · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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