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    Naruto cherry

    DemoMan · Horror&Thriller
    Not enough ratings
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    Lucian looked ouch.... master please stop Lucian keep thrusting hard in her with each thrusts his balls come in contact with her pussy Her father sold her as a slave he despite her and her brother he make their life like a living hell and treat them as a slave she had to watch her father and stepmother killed her mother right in front of her. Her father sold her to Lucian. " I hate you" he smile at her " I don't expect you to love me" How is the love between Lucian & Mirabel watch out!!!

    Cynklope · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Her Fated Demom

    Neveah, a college graduate. Decided to have a wild night after graduating and that leads to a night to a stranger. She wakes up to the reality that her high school love has been cheating on her. Finding herself pregnant with no idea of who the father is, she is rejected by her parents. She moves to a new city with her best and only friend. Neveah's child turns out not to be a normal child. Will she uncover what her child is and maybe find the one from that night.

    Motunrayo_Sadipe · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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