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    10 Digits love.

    Chisaki Momo is a 16 year old Highschool student. On the outside she looks like an adorable, shy, girly sweetheart and cute ball of walking candy. On the inside, she is awkward, evil and blunt. Hanabe Eiji, Vibrant, cheerful, kind Highschool guy with bright sense of humor, at least that's what it seems like, when you talk to him not in person! In person he is rude, doesn't like to play and doesn't like to get involved with people. One day Momo decides to write a SMS message to a random number, typing random digits in her phone she sends a message. Her world got turned upside down. How will the story go? Was that a mistake or beginning of a lifelong friendship? Could it be a start of a romance? Or will it turn into hatred? Chuuu~! •

    XkiviX · Romance
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