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    Divine Chaos

    After finding a mutilated corpse in a river, and another teenager being abducted, the local Precinct fears that they are out of their depths with a possible serial killer on the loose... Will detectives Luke Ceronio and Sean Reynolds get this case under wraps or will more deaths occur? And who is this killer? He must be a pro - he never leaves a trail behind that can be traced... Will Luke and Sean eventually get a lucky break, or will this case spiral out of control? * * * The story will be following four main characters, three of which will be written in an OMNIPRESENT PERSPECTIVE, though some chapters may involve other characters and telling a bit more about their back story so that their actions, feelings and thinking regarding the main characters can be better understood. First: JENNA (Jennifer Carlysle). Jenna is an introverted, innocent college student whose focus is mainly on achieving good grades. She has been a victim of bullying which resulted in her low self-esteem, due to her glorious mane of Red hair in an uncommon, darker shade. Her best female friend since she can remember - and years before that - Claire Thompson, tries to help her crawl out of her shell, which seemed like a very good idea at the time... Second: CHRIS (Christopher Evans). After Chris and Gabby were left to fend for themselves by their deranged mother, Carol Evans, they were extracted by Detective Russel Whittaker. In the absence of their deadbeat dad - Matthew Evans - Chris and Gabby were then handed over to CPS. Chris spent 9 years in and out of foster homes - until Mrs Gordon entered his life as if sent to earth by God himself. Will the angelic Mrs Gordon be able to provide Chris with the love and support he so desperately needs? Will Chris be at peace or will his traumatic past darken his future? And what in the world happened to Gabriella Evans? Third: LUKE (Detective Luke Ceronio). Luke has only recently started working at the precinct's homicide division, partnered with Detective Sean Reynolds. A heartwrenching divorce left him broken and clouded his logical thinking, but with a good friend like Sean, things start looking up. He isn't the most charismatic man, but at least his good looks make up for what he lacks in charisma. With his sky-blue eyes and pitch-black, tousled hair to complete the tall, dark and handsome look - a few hearts are sure to be broken... Fourth: THE ABDUCTOR, chapters of which will be told in FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE to refrain from divulging too many details... Facts will be disclosed during the book regarding our killer, but only later on in the story will you truly get to know him. Who is this 'Sissy' he constantly thinks of? * * * I am aiming towards writing a very intense, intriguing CRIME FICTION novel. Best way of classifying it would be MYSTERY / THRILLER... PLEASE NOTE! Later on in the story the chapters will include MATURE CONTENT!!! You have officially been warned (or prepared). Enjoy the journey, and let yourself be thrilled...

    Monique_Rossouw · Contemporary Romance
    Not enough ratings
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