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    Gomawo || Zhong Chenle

    Hari ini. Hari dimana aku memutuskan untuk menyukai Direktur Zhong. (Beberapa part dihapus & tdk lengkap) Go to - Wttpd @LeL1Dolphinie Gomawo~

    _Drewayoxo · Romansa Anak Muda
    Not enough ratings
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    The Alpha is my Mate?

    Kayla thinks all stories about alpha or omega from her grandmother, just lies or fiction. Until finally a wolf came to her and introduced himself as her Alpha, and she was an omega. "Ridiculous! I'm only human.." "But, the smell of your pheromones means you're an omega, and you could be in danger." Kayla was silent as she stared at the wolf turning into a handsome young man in front of her. "What danger?" Chenle asked sharply. "Danger from another alpha..." the bush behind them stirred, and the two of them put on alert positions.

    yourLemon12_ · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    The Afterlife of an Organ Donor

    Gu Chenling died aged twenty-seven as a result of the combination of overwork and a heart defect. Death was not the end, though. Who knew that you even after dying once you still have to work in the afterlife to make a living? Luckily, his karmic luck was good from having saved lives through postmortem organ donations. So he could live quite well even in the underworld. But who could tell him why his organs occasionally hurt when those organs have been donated long ago? Someone must be messing with him.

    Xiu_er · Horror&Thriller
    Not enough ratings
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