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    (BL) A softy top/seme and a badass bottom/uke. A chaotic love story between two different races.

    crimsonfujo656 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Kiss Me, Roommate {BL}

    Kiss Andrews Crowner- graduated of Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. Even with the highest grades his life value is as failure as 74. As much as he desire to be out of poverty, his life put him into the ground. In hope to find a stable job, he took his journey in the city of Meyhem- the paradise of wealth. Not every one is blessed and his one of them. His drastic life changes when the landlord told him the soaring price of the apartment his renting. Without nothing at hand, he called his friend in hope that he might help him out. And that's when he needed to find a roommate to share with his expenses. His daily- not too pleasant- journey begins when he found out who his new roommate was. "I hate you yet I love you" "Loving you is my most greatest sin and the longest regret I ever did"

    crimsonfujo656 · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
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    Contemn The Love

    "Apa itu CINTA? Apakah itu sebuah perasaan? Apakah itu sebuah nafsu? Apakah itu sebuah hubungan? Atau itu hanya sebuah omong kosong?" Novel ini menceritakan seorang pria yang mencari sebuah cinta, cinta yang ia anggap sebuah omong kosong dan membuang waktu. Ia berencana untuk membuat semua orang yang akan membuat cinta ada berhenti melakukannya. Mengapa? Apakah itu karena masa lalunya? Atau apa? Bagaimana dia bisa hidup tanpa cinta? Bagaimana dia bisa melewati semua ini? Apakah ia akan berhasil? Atau ia akan tenggelam dalam sebuah perasaan cinta? rank in wattpad : #3 malepregnant (31/8/20) #33 boystory (7/9/20) #39 blseries (9/9/20) #40 blstory (12/8/20) #54 m-preg (9/9/20) #61 gaystory (6/8/20) #92 mysteryromance (7/9/20) #96 boyxman (12/8/20) #395 bromance (8/8/20) Copyright° 2020 by Joshy Greg Cover by @BabyMin14

    BabyMin14 · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
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