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  • Mr. Grim Reaper doesn't smile [BL]

    The tale of a grim reaper who hates humans and a human who fell in love with him. From a really young age, Asahi Sato had always been beside Akira's side. They grew up together and faced all hardships together. Akira thought their friendship would last a lifetime but he didn't expect his life to be cut so short by that very friend. Logically speaking, their friendship did last a lifetime but only for Akira. As if having a secret affair with Akira's fiance wasn't enough, Sato also went ahead and killed Akira in order to steal the company. For the first and the last time in his life, Akira felt what it was like to be betrayed by the one you trust the most and the feeling was certainly not that amusing. Even after death, when the Grim Reaper who was in charge of him gave him a wish, Akira didn't hesitate to waste that wish on Sato. "Help me solve my murder." "I want to understand where everything went wrong.” "I want to know why Sato suddenly turned on me and I want to know why my fiance joined him.” Unfortunately, for the poor fellow, the grim reaper in charge of him was not a man who liked to be troubled and it seemed that nobody had ever taught him how to smile. "Tch- So much extra work! Can't you just pass away in peace?" "..." Read on more to know how Akira uncovered the mysterious circumstances behind his death and begged God to change his beloved Grim reaper's fate. __________________________________________ I hope you enjoy!~ __________________________________________ BL||Romance||Grimreaper||Revenge||Fashion||CEO||Secondchance||Fantasy||Fluff||Mystery|| Art by: Cherlyswan.

    cherlyswan · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
  • Hitoshi and Asahi

    A bunch of short cute scenes involving Hitoshi and Asahi.

    dalekvim · Realistic
    Not enough ratings
  • Mengasah Rasa

    Menceritakan kisah kehidupan Rumah Tangga yang pahit, manis dan getir yang dialami Ibu Rumah Tangga bernama Ririn Puspita Ratih. Dia hidup dirumah mertua selama 7 tahun. Selama itu pula banyak berbagai kisah-kisah yang akan dituangkannya kedalam novel ini. Mulai dari mendapatkan kekerasan dalam rumah tangga, hinaan dari orang-orang yang dengki kepadanya, bahkan sampai ancaman pembunuhan dari orang tefdekatnya. Penasaran bagaimana semua kisah itu terjadi pada kehidupan Ririn Puspita Ratih? Ayoo.. terus lanjutkan membaca kisahnya, "Mengasah Rasa".

    IntanGrudhy · History
    Not enough ratings
  • Yakuza Lady In Another World

    Ina-Yamaguchi is a girl who has a Yakuza background. She was ruthlessly trained by her father, as she was the successor of the Yakuza clan. In the determination of the next clan leader candidate, Ina defeated her cousins ​​and brothers. Ina is chosen as the next clan successor and gets a Dragon Tattoo on her back. Ina's obsession with martial arts was extraordinary, she studied various martial arts from the country. Feared wherever her presence is. One day when she was about to go to school with her childhood friend Asahi, a deep red circle suddenly appeared beneath them and vanished in an instant, transferring them to the old building and surrounded by purple-robed people .

    Sir_Kurniawan · Fantasy
  • FREE READ - Saingan Sang Playboy [SLOW UPDATE―Misteri & Romansa Gelap]

    Novel berlatar Jepang ♡ DARK, SWEET, AND DANGEROUS LOVE STORY! ♡ BACA BAB 109 INFO PENTING SAYA! MOHON BACA HALAMAN INI SAMPAI HABIS SEBELUM LANJUT MENGIKUTI CERITA INI! WAJIB, YA! Ayo dukung novel ini setiap hari menggunakan BATU KUASA (POWER STONE) agar tetap GRATIS alias TIDAK DIKUNCI __________________________________________ Blurb: Fujihara Misaki, perempuan bertipe Sadako (hantu dari film terkenal, The Ring) dengan gelar hikikomori dan kutu buku, tiba-tiba saja dimintai tolong oleh lelaki tampan dan playboy, Toshio Wataru, yang tinggal di sebelah apartemennya. Tak ingin lama-lama berurusan dengan lelaki itu, ia menyetujui saja permintaannya walaupun diam-diam memiliki phobia terhadap playboy. Tanpa perempuan itu ketahui, Wataru yang aslinya ternyata memiliki kepribadian buruk, sadis, dan bermulut tajam itu, sudah mengincarnya sejak awal dengan niat tersembunyi: menghancurkan Misaki dengan cintanya! Sebuah permintaan sederhana penuh intrik dan tipu daya yang akan mengubah kedua nasib anak manusia tersebut! Inilah kisah permainan takdir penuh emosi yang menguji kesabaran! Bermula dari cinta sederhana dan tulus hingga menyeret banyak pihak dalam misteri, pertumpahan darah, air mata, harapan, rasa percaya, dan perjuangan bertahan hidup.... Apakah Misaki yang berpenampilan cupu dan suram sesuram hidupnya mampu menjalin hubungan dengan seorang Playboy sadis dan jenius berwajah rupawan? Apakah niat Wataru menghancurkan Misaki akan terwujud? Atau malah sebaliknya, sang playboy itu yang akan hancur lebur dan bertekuk lutut di hadapan Misaki yang ternyata masa lalunya menyimpan banyak rahasia dan misteri? Siapkan hati dan tissue kalian! Karena novel ini akan mengajak kalian menaiki roller coaster perasaan hingga membuat kalian ketagihan meminta bab selanjutnya! LAGI DAN LAGI! Apa yg akan kalian dapatkan dari novel ini? 1. Misteri, misteri, & MISTERI! 2. Romansa gelap yg bikin greget & penasaran dgn porsi 75%! Humornya juga ada, loh! 3. Sebel banget TAPI SERU & BIKIN NAGIH!!! 4. Hal-hal terkait Jepang (budaya, daerah, dll) 5. Aksi dan thriller 6. Mengasah otak tapi santai! 7. Suka cerita detektif yg mengungkap kasus pembunuhan & organisasi rahasia? Baca! ---------------------- ⚠️ PERHATIAN! ⚠️ 1. BERPOTENSI MEMBUAT PEMBACA INGIN MEMBANTING PONSEL SENDIRI, MEMAKI-MAKI CERITA DAN AUTHOR, TAPI TETAP LANJUT BACA KARENA PENASARAN AKUT! 2. SLOW STORY, JADI ALURNYA LAMBAT DAN BISA MEMBUAT BEBERAPA PEMBACA YANG TIDAK SABARAN MENJADI BOSAN KARENA BAB BARU RILIS SANGAT LAMBAT. MAAF, SAYA ORANG YANG SIBUK, TAPI SUKA NULIS! :) SAYA PUNYA KERJAAN JUGA, LAGIAN INI GRATIS! SAYA NGGAK DIBAYAR SEPESER PUN! DAN KALIAN NGGAK USAH BAYAR, KOK, KALO MAU BACA INI. GRATIS = SABAAARRRRR!!! 3. KALO SUKA CERITA INI, MAKA "WAJIB" UNTUK VOTE SETIAP HARI, KALO NGGAK VOTE ARTINYA CINTA KALIAN PALSU PADA NOVEL INI! HAHAHA! xD DAN TIDAK BERHAK KOMEN MINTA UPDATE, YA! :P KARENA, SAYA TAHU SIAPA SAJA YG SUKA VOTE NOVEL INI! ♡ Read at your own risk! Selamat membaca! ( • ̀ω•́ )✧ ■ CERITA INI ADALAH FIKSI, TIDAK ADA HUBUNGANNYA DENGAN ORANG, KELOMPOK, TEMPAT, MAUPUN PERISTIWA YANG SEBENARNYA ■ ----------------------------------------- Novel ini adalah karya asli anak bangsa, DILARANG menyalin dan meniru dalam bentuk apapun! Copyright @2019 by NatsuHika ----------------------------------------- Disclaimer: The original story is made by me, but the picture of the cover is not mine. I just used it temporary and it's been edited. All credits of the picture belong to the respective owner.

    NatsuHika · Urban
  • Love & Lust System

    Not posting here anymore. You can find my novel here: https://www.scribblehub.com/series/278436/love-amp-lust-system/ Follow Kinoshita Asahi, who is a bit over two months away from starting to attend Tokyo University. He had horrendous luck throughout his life, but maybe this was about to change. A/N: If you're expecting an incel MC that goes around 'conquering', or even raping for the sake of points, this is not it. Our MC here is a smart and rational individual with one main goal: To live a life worth living. Although there will be many fully depicted sex scenes, with many different women, it won't have the misogynistic/sexist tones that these type of novels usually have. Just because he had sex with a woman, doesn't mean that she's 'his'. He's not looking for a relationship and is upfront about it, nor does he care if the women he hook up with have sex with someone else. I thought that it would be nice to let you know before you started reading it. :) Love & Lust System is Copyrighted 2021 by CasualCacophony. All rights reserved.

    CasualCacophony · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Ordinary Mob Character

    There was a boy who feared death, to escape from death he did many things but the world was harsh and he died. Reborn in a fantasy world, where magic existed. It means infinite possibilities, in this world, the boy will try to achieve immortality, and even if he fears death, he also gets a bit excited to gamble with his life. Welcome to this boy's journey, the goal was immortality, in his journey, he met people he care deeply about, made bonds that were thicker than any blood, defeat enemies, and crushed evil organizations and nations. His journey isn't a short one, So Welcome to Ace's journey. ---- MC will be overpowered but there are people who give MC tough times to defeat, and this series didn't focus on fighting but more on the story and characters. ----- I decided to write this novel after watching The Eminence of the Shadow anime, so at the start, this novel may seem similar, but I promise as the story progresses this novel will become completely different from The Eminence of the Shadow. Of course, there might be some similarities but I promise 80% content of the novel will be original.

    Asahi7 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • My Nerdy Lover

    Loni Sayu is a little, innocent girl who needs all the money she needs. From spending all her money on manga and books, she needs more money to support her ill mother. Desperate as can be, she meets the CEO of the famous company. Reo Asahi, a rude arrogant young man who just cares about women and money. Follow along as the roller coaster of feelings, go up and down. "Let go of me bastard!" "Baby, I just wanted one kiss from you." Reo smirked with trouble. (this book may contain grammatical errors, spelling, or confusing issues. i am a small writer who is still trying to find her passion for writing)

    ivcri · General
    Not enough ratings
  • Detective Hogou and the Criminal Mastermind

    As Hogou's world unravelled from his seemingly perfect detective job. Getting involved with one of the most wanted criminals in Kuri, entangled like a spider web. Unable to leave, trapped within the hands of the Phantom Maestro. He held his hand to the detective, he smiled warmly. His breath was hot, steaming even, yet it had an underlying cold masked beneathe it. "Let's take him down, reclaim your job as detective." Hogou looked at him, doubt festered on his face. "But how?" "I have a plan, an ingenious one at that, but you'll have to follow me Detective." "I don't trust you..." "Aw, come on, what's life without fun?" He giggled. "I can show that behind this shitty city, there's a whole new world to explore away from this monotomy." "I decline." Asahi reached through Hogou, grabbed his waist, and smiled. "Then, I'll do it without your consent, I'm a criminal afterall." He soared through the air, jumping from building to building. Holding Hogou like a bride. "W-wait, Asahi stop, gahhh no, I can't look down." Blushing red, his fingers creased Hogou's suit. His heart thumped in Rythm. "You're just like your brother!! let me down."

    Not enough ratings
  • I Will Be A Villain In This Life

    Asahi spent his whole life being the butt of the joke and constantly being used for others desires and needs. He grew a hatred toward people in general, he saw them all as greedy. He died an unfortunate death but was reborn in a novel he once read. He expected this to be a normal reincarnation with a normal system, instead, he only grew stronger as he did evil things and ruined other's lives. Feeding off of negativity he could grow as strong as he wants. It's his turn to use others for his desires. ***

    Rulers_Authority · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Everyone Else Is a Returnee ™

    Ditinggalkan saat piknik sekolah dasar. Tertinggal selama kamp sekolah menengah. Tertinggal selama perjalanan sekolah menengah. Saya akhirnya menjadi mahasiswa, dan apa? Saya ditinggalkan dari semua umat manusia? Diabaikan oleh Tuhan, Yu IlHan menghabiskan satu milenium mengasah keterampilannya untuk Bencana Alam Besar, mengawasi bumi sendirian sementara semua orang berada di dunia lain. Legenda nya dimulai setelah manusia kembali dan bertemu dengan Bencana Alam Besar!

    Khuzni_Titikwa · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings

    Seorang aktor kelas tiga terlibat utang-piutang dengan seorang rentenir yang di kenal cukup bengis didaerahnya. Tak kunjung mendapat pekerjaan untuk membayar hutang. Rentenir pun datang kerumahnya dan membunuh keluarganya saat ia tak ada dirumah. Melihat keluarganya dihabisi membuatnya sangat marah, tapi justru ia menjadi tertuduh atas pembunuhan istri dan anaknya. Kini di dalam penjara ia mengasah taringnya untuk menggigit mangsanya...

    SIXE · Realistic
    Not enough ratings
  • Fushi Tensei: Undead Reincarnation

    Asahi Yamamoto, a 17 year old teen, suffered from cancer at a young age. Now facing imminent death, he is ready to die in peace. However, as he opens his eyes, he sees himself in the body of a skeleton?! -------------------------------------------------- Schedule: Weekly for now Chapter Length: 800-900 words -------------------------------------------------- Support the Author: XXX (Not available atm)

    APOPHIS · Fantasy