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Chapter 2700 (Current Read) I say this is pretty much a boring novel, in his entire journey he has always been with a sect or a group, he didn't even develop as a ranger or other stuff. The Firmament World - pretty much all cliches. Star Gozhou - mc have enemies everywhere, full of cliches - ancient spirit galaxy - mc has enemies everywhere that tries to kill him and tribes and that, its probably took 700 chapters, -four regions - mc made an enemy out of the entire universe and he is too weak and always oppressed and has to escape everytime, kills wantonly - god path - mc makes enemies again and kills everyone who offends him wantonly and then there is this competition and stuff, it has been repeating - Deity Plane - mc literally made an enemy out of all powers and almost get hunted and killed everytime and in the end he destroyed it all together - 3000 Worlds - mc mades enemies again, he is born to make enemies and literally a piece of shit.


Warrior's Promise

Baili Longxia

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