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The usual cookie-cutter IET novel, great for both new and more experienced readers with an enticing story, world building and super-duper physics-defying battles, if you've read an IET novel before you've pretty much read LXY. My issues are the pacing of the series after Xue Ying ascends to the higher realm the first time to the end of the series, missing elements of dangerous high stakes battles throughout most of the series whilst also having the most abrupt and unsatisfying ending of any IET novel I've read, this is something that has become increasingly worse with his novels over time. If you want to start reading some of IET's works, I'd recommend Coiling Dragon first and foremost and then Desolate Era next instead, they are considerably better written than LXY in my opinion, but if you have a nostalgia itch to read something similar to CD, this will certainly do the job.

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