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The story started off really great, but when the mc instantly decides not to use his save/load ability because "it would make him feel bad", I knew something was wrong. First 100-150 chapters were pretty good even though the mc acted pretty stupid at times. Eventually though EVERYTHING just went downhill from there. He's supposed to be a 30 year old guy plus the 15 years of memories from the original guy he took over, except he never acts like he has the intelligence or wisdom of someone his age. Not to mention how he "doesn't want a girlfriend" because he wants to focus on writing his novel and earning points. He already wastes so much time and having a girlfriend wouldn't change anything at all, in fact it would probably help him considering this is a DATING-SIMULATOR-SYSTEM, but hey maybe that's just me. Next are the girls personality. All the girls are actually fleshed out decently well considering how many there are, but then there are just random changes out of no where. Why the h,e,l,l, would the school ghost, Sakura, tell Mika all about the mc and the mystical world. Also the bull,s,h,i,t, spirit creature Mika got is obviously going to turn her into some sort of legendary spirit summoner with a godly pet, so where did the school ghost get such a thing and why did she just give to Mika on a whim, and if she has such powerful things why did none of the powerful families ever find out about it? She was a great character the way she was, but her change made me dislike her so much more especially if it ever turns out that the mc accepts her than I would probably jump out a window. Mika and Chiaki interrupting the mc and the princess's date also made me dislike her since out of spite and jealousy they barged into their time to talk about their common interests together. There's also the wack names that the maid, mc, the twins, and the princess have. There are no reason why they would get them besides the possibly the princess and even that's a stretch. The way he treated the twins after everything they did was also ridiculous. they cried a bit and had their phones reset, that was their only punishment. They even got new positions in the morals committee and everyone acts like they dd nothing wrong. The mc has a sense of righteousness that really makes no sense. He takes it to far and as long as the person in question has at least some sort of physically redeeming feature he will forgive them and treat them like an angel. Also he never does anything to ANY of the girls when even his system is telling him they would literally have s,e,x, with him if he just asked. He's just like your average Japanese beta-male that has no balls to do anything with no reason as to given why so the reader just has to make one on his own and it usually ends up with the mc just being a plain re,ta,rd. There are still some things that I didn't talk about but, in the end this all just my opinion if you like or think you might like this story then go ahead and read to your hearts content. END


NEET Receives a Dating Sim System

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