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I sincerely hate the NTR label ... so I consider this novel junk ... every novel with NTR is garbage ... and more when the MC is so uselessly weak that they do it not one but after many times ... What **** d novel is this? and the worst thing is that His sister / wife also does NTR everything because it is very devil ... I do not see ANYTHING TO RAISE THE HEAVENS in this Novel ... rather the name should be Alza Los Perros ... the Mc is a DAMN DOG !! it's so stupidly weak ... what adviser that should not be the Mc in this story ... the worst thing is that of the 3 women / wives of the MC who were raped or of their own will who did NTR ... Two of them die ... one commits suicide and the other is refined in a magical oven ...


Soaring the Heavens

Traversing Thousand Sorrows

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