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Website: Qidian CN Views: 4.51 million Recommendations: 2.71 million Rating: 9.3/10 from 1185 readers. Chapters: 2254 No of works: 3 I like reading this novel. It's not cliched like many other novels where MC is constantly fighting arrogant young masters who bully his friends, family or girlfriends. This is a cultivation novel fused with a bureacratic system where MC has to use his political wits to survive in addition to his OP skills. The novel has good characterisation and plot development even though it's pretty slow. The world building is excellent too. Unlike other novels, MCs flaws are magnified in this one, that only makes it more real and believable for the readers. MC is not completely likeable either and he grows colder as the novel progresses but despite that you would root for the MC. A negative aspect of the novel could be that there is brutal depiction of violence against women and some readers have also complained that aspects of NTR appears later in the story. Apart from these minor issues, this is a fantastic mature Xianxia novel for people who are looking for something different from the usual Xianxia novels. IMO though people should not despise the novel because of minor reasons like NTR, people should be chilled about NTR. Cheating is common in real life so why can't it be portrayed in novels. In many CN novels (including this one) the MC has more than 3 wives and 4 concubines(metaphorically or literally depending on the novel) but you can't accept it if the fairer *** seeks comfort from other men? Even women are people too you know, they are not perfect just like men.


Soaring the Heavens

Traversing Thousand Sorrows

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