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If you are hesitant on whether to read this novel or not..... DO IT. *romance... brotherhood... family... power* First of all...... I'm here to say that this novel is actually one of the most deep and "poetic" novels that I have ever read. Aaaaand... I've read A LOT OF NOVELS. - The topmost reviews are about poor translation quality. The translation quality has no issues (because it has been fixed recently I assume). In fact the translations are just as descriptive as the RAWS. I assure you. - The characters all have depth. Although the MC is a bit OP and cold with his godsword, he has a bit of background and has reasons for his personality. All the characters in the story have a history that makes them who they are today and the author illustrates that very thing. The author also reveals the background and also the lives of the MC's 'brothers' when they are not with the MC (their family ties/lives, their loved ones, etc.). Each person has a depth to them (including enemies and occasionally side characters). *it's not SAO* - The Stability of Updates: the speed should be around 1-2 chapters a day if I'm not mistaken. Although around the time I am posting the review, the translations got suspended because of some transitioning. BE SURE TO CHECK HOW OLD THIS COMMENT IS BEFORE YOU JUDGE because the translations may have resumed by the time you're reading this. TL;DR: - The reviews against the "translation quality" are out-of-date. The translations are now very good. I assure you that if you like a smart MC, brotherhood concept, and a but of romance, this NOVEL IS FOR YOU. You should trust me because I have read these novels every single day for many years. It won't let you down


Transcending the Nine Heavens

Feng Ling Tian Xia

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